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Athletics coach John Lees loses licence over inappropriate behaviour

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A coach found guilty of inappropriate behaviour towards athletes in his care has had his licence permanently withdrawn by UK Athletics. John Lees was found guilty on five charges by an independent appeal committee of ...

Cop26: Ons moet gedrag verander as ons emissies gaan verminder, sê gesondheidshoofde – dag agt lewe

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• Klimaatkrisis dryf dodelike kombinasie van temperatuur en humiditeit op, sê studie vrygestel by Cop26• Minister van Tuvalu lewer Cop26-toespraak terwyl hy in die see staan ​​– video

Let’s call out the Tories’ behaviour for what it is: corruption

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Imagine for a moment that someone senior at your place of work was found to have been getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to act on behalf of outside interests. Imagine another person was found to have sexual...

Geen 10 accused of sidelining behaviour experts on latest Covid measures

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Senior scientific advisers have publicly accused the government of sidelining behavioural experts and appearing unwilling to listen to “uncomfortable truths” on vaccine passports and masks during the pandemic. The sci...

Studie vind toenemende gebruik van sensitiewe data deur die regering gebruik om gedrag te 'stoot'

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'N Nuwe vorm van' invloedregering ', wat sensitiewe persoonlike data gebruik om veldtogte te beoog om gedrag te verander, is 'aangevul' deur die opkoms van groot tegnologie -ondernemings, navorsers het gewaarsku. Nasionaal en plek ...

‘There is so much bad behaviour everywhere’: how to raise a good child in a terrible world

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When Melinda Wenner Moyer looked around in the autumn of 2018, she saw everywhere what she would describe as “assholes”. In the US and the UK, hate crime was – and is – rising. Across the world, #MeToo allegations con...

Rory McIlroy ‘sad to see’ fan behaviour towards Bryson DeChambeau

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Rory McIlroy has offered public support to the much-maligned Bryson DeChambeau, saying it is “sad to see” widespread criticism of the American golfer. The comments aimed at DeChambeau this week prompted the PGA Tour t...

Yorkshire apologise to ‘victim of inappropriate behaviour’ Azeem Rafiq

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Yorkshire have apologised to their former player Azeem Rafiq after their 10-month investigation into his allegations of racism found that he had been “the victim of inappropriate behaviour” that was “clearly unaccepta...

Decisive Lions Test overshadowed by unsporting behaviour and ugly rugby

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To say there are mixed emotions swirling around the final week of this British & Irish Lions Test tour is an understatement. In theory everyone should be caught up in the delicious prospect of a winner-takes-all f...

Sydney police fine hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters for ‘filthy, risky behaviour’

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Hundreds of fines have been issued and dozens charged in Sydney after anti-lockdown protesters marched and clashed with police in what one deputy commissioner called “violent, filthy, risky behaviour”. The New South W...

Uefa imposes sanctions on Hungary for fans’ racist behaviour at Euro 2020

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Hungary must play their next two European qualifiers behind closed doors after Uefa confirmed homophobic and racist behaviour by supporters at all three of the country’s Euro 2020 group games. Scenes of Hungary fans i...

Keir Starmer sê vir die premier om die seiljag te sloot en antisosiale gedrag aan te pak

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Keir Starmer doen 'n beroep op Boris Johnson om sy planne vir 'n "nietige seiljag" te skrap en eerder die geld te bestee aan die aanpak van antisosiale gedrag. Belowe om Arbeid “die party van wet en orde” te maak, Starmer uitgelig ...

Tory MP apologises in Commons for ‘intimidatory’ behaviour

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A Conservative MP has been forced to apologise for “grossly unprofessional” behaviour after he intimidated staff having drunk a “significant” amount of alcohol. Daniel Kawczynski was found to have ranted at one senior...

Facebook accused of ‘discriminatory and racist’ behaviour after removing historical PNG images

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Facebook’s has been accused of “discriminatory and racist” behaviour after it deleted historical photos from a group that publishes archival photos of men and women from Papua New Guinea. The group, which boasts over ...

Manchester fire chief warns against ‘reckless behaviour’ after wildfires

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A fire chief has called on visitors to the countryside to refrain from “reckless behaviour” on days out as lockdown eases, after a large fire broke out on Marsden Moor over the weekend, along with fires in Cumbria and...

Coercive behaviour must be prioritised in UK domestic abuse cases, court says

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The family courts should prioritise the issue of coercive and controlling behaviour when considering disputes between parents in domestic abuse cases, court of appeal judges have advised. Three senior judges set out f...

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