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The first week back in the office – and WFH begins to seem easy

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quiero decir, bloody hell. Honestamente, Blood-ee hell. How on this sick sweet earth did we ever manage in the before-times? After a single week back at work, face to face with my colleagues, I am overcome with a profound and e...

‘I’m still here’: unwanted Bruce centre stage as Newcastle’s new era begins

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When Steve Bruce emerges from the St James’ Park tunnel on Sunday he will quite possibly feel a bit like an unwanted top-table wedding guest. After all Newcastle were supposed to have sacked Bruce and appointed a more...

Giulio Regeni: trial of Egyptian security agents charged over death begins in Rome

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A court in Rome is due to begin the trial of four Egyptian security service officers accused of killing an Italian researcher, Giulio Regeni, five and a half years after his mutilated body was found in a ditch by a ro...

The Hungarian revolution begins – archive, octubre 1956

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24 octubre 1956 Budapest, 24 octubre (2soy)One person is reported to have been killed and several others injured when Hungarian police opened fire on thousands of Hungarians demonstrating here a few hours ago. The dem...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre el informe Covid: comienza un ajuste de cuentas

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El informe publicado el lunes por dos comisiones parlamentarias es una etapa en un proceso más largo de aprendizaje de, y exigiendo responsabilidad por, el manejo de la pandemia por parte del gobierno del Reino Unido. Correctamente, sus autores llaman ...

TV esta noche: Damon Albarn visits Jools Holland as a new series begins

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It is the 59th series of this hardy perennial and Jools launches proceedings from his London HQ. There’s a visit from Damon Albarn who is performing a track from his new album The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the S...

Democrats barrel toward make-or-break vote as crucial 24 hours begins

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The next 24 hours will make clear whether Democrats are on the verge of pushing through a once-in-a-generation expansion of the social safety net or nearing a complete collapse of Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda...

China’s ugliest buildings: contest to celebrate unsightly architecture begins

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An infamous “hall of shame” listing of China’s top 10 “ugliest” buildings has kicked off with 87 bizarre designs in the running, including a violin-shaped church and an Inner Mongolia hotel in the form of a monstrous ...

US begins deportation flights for Haitians camped at Texas border town

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The US has begun flying Haitians camped in a Texas border town back to their homeland and blocking others from crossing from Mexico, in the beginning of what could be one of America’s swiftest, large-scale expulsions ...

Temores de cierre del gobierno de EE. UU. A medida que comienza el juego del pollo al límite de la deuda

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Se espera que los principales demócratas desafíen a los republicanos a bloquear una medida de financiación provisional, lo que desencadenaría la crisis fiscal de doble cañón de los Estados Unidos en incumplimiento de su gigantesca deuda y un cierre del gobierno federal..

Co-op faces criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon

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The Co-op has faced criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon and revs up 300 more delivery robots with the aim of almost tripling online sales to £200m. The convenience store mutual said shoppers would be a...

‘I’m nervous’: US colleges wrestle with Covid safety as fall semester begins

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As universities and colleges in the United States open for the fall semester, even those institutions requiring masks and vaccinations are grappling with unexpectedly high rates of Covid. In one high-profile example, ...

Wiegman names first England squad as Euros and World Cup countdown begins

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Sarina Wiegman sounded the starting gun on a race against time as she named her first squad since being installed as England’s new manager last week. The former Netherlands coach avoided radical change, instead opting...

Elizabeth Holmes on trial: jury selection begins Tuesday for Theranos founder

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The first phase of the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes will start on Tuesday, with jury selection scheduled in a San Jose, California, courthouse. Holmes is charged with six counts of fraud relating to her ...

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