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Ryderbeker: USA lead Europe 11-5 before singles on final day – live!

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Anthony Joshua het die plaaslike herinneringe van die stad ontroer voor die Usyk -toets

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‘Ag, ja, die operahuis,”Anthony Joshua roep in 'n boks in die Tottenham Hotspur -stadion uit terwyl sy gesig vou van vermaak en nostalgie. Eerder as om 'n skielike passie vir opera in Covent Garden te onthul, die w...

Aukus: Australia sent ‘extremely satisfied’ letter hours before axing French contract

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France has said Australian military officials sent them a letter confirming they were “extremely satisfied” with French submarines just hours before they announced the €56bn (£48bn) contract would be cancelled in favo...

Race to become Japan’s next PM too close to call a week before vote

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The race to become leader of Japan’s ruling party and the next prime minister is too close to call ahead of next week’s party election. It is a rare moment of uncertainty after almost a decade during which Shinzo Abe ...

IEA calls on Russia to send more gas to Europe before winter

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The world’s energy watchdog has called on Russia to send more gas to Europe as the energy supply crunch bleeds across the continent, in a rare public rebuke of the Kremlin. The International Energy Agency (IEA), which...

Aukus row: European Union demands apology from Australia over France’s treatment before trade talks

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The European Union is demanding answers – and an apology from Australia – over its treatment of France as the fallout from the Aukus announcement threatens to delay a key trade deal. Australia’s hopes of entering into...

Global shipping is a big emitter, the industry must commit to drastic action before it is too late

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Many communities around the world have recently been confronted with the dangerous impacts of climate change and as world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, are examining what action needs to be ...

Customers of failed energy suppliers advised to wait before switching

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Customers of gas and electricity suppliers that collapsed this week are being reminded that there is nothing to stop them from switching to a new supplier once the dust settles. Utility Point and People’s Energy both ...

Dog that killed boy in Cornwall had attacked before, ondersoek hoor

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A coroner is to write to a police force about a nine-year-old boy who was mauled to death by a dog during a Cornish holiday, after his inquest heard the animal had been involved in previous attacks. Frankie MacRitchie...

Australië het oorweeg om kern -duikbote uit Frankryk te koop voordat die ooreenkoms gesluit is, Peter Dutton sê

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Australië het dit oorweeg om duikbote uit Frankryk te koop, wat geld kon bespaar en vermy het dat Frankryk se woede oor die bestaande projek van $ 90 miljard geskrap word. Hierdie week het die federale regering sy d ....

Heads of Exxon and BP called on to testify before Congress to address climate crisis

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US congressional investigators say they have uncovered “very concerning” new documents about ExxonMobil’s disinformation campaign to discredit climate science. Representative Ro Khanna, a leading critic of the petrole...

Medics urged to drop opposition to assisted dying before crucial vote

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Medics are being urged to drop their opposition to assisted dying before a landmark vote on the issue by Britain’s biggest doctors’ union. As its members prepare to debate the issue at their annual representative meet...

Oggendpos: Dfat warning before Afghanistan visit, international vaccine passport plan, woolly mammoths

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Goeie more. There is light at the end of the tunnel for families waiting to reunite across international borders, with plans for digital declarations that include vaccination status set to facilitate international t...

Stock market correction of 5%-10% ‘likely before year end’, Deutsche Bank survey finds – business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial newsEarlier:

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life as a Muslim was like before 9/11

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I try to remember what it was like to be a Muslim before 9/11. It is hard. It gets harder every year. I think I remember that being a Muslim didn’t mean much to others, and was mostly a private identity, one that diff...

UK planning last-ditch China climate talks to break impasse before Cop26

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Boris Johnson is planning to convene last-ditch climate talks with the president of China, Xi Jinping, at a crunch meeting of world leaders later this month, in hopes of breaking the global impasse on climate action b...

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