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Has Interpol become the long arm of oppressive regimes?

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Flicking through the news one day in early 2015, Alexey Kharis, a California-based businessman and father of two, came across a startling announcement: Russia would request a global call for his arrest through the Int...

Art at their heart: homes that have become museums

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If you are reading these pages, chances are you like nothing more than having a good snoop around other people’s houses. Below is a selection of five of the world’s best house museums – inspiring, creative, but ultima...

Canberra sou die mees ingeënt stad ter wêreld word

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Vra die meeste Australiërs waarvoor Canberra bekend is, en daar sal 'n beeld by u opkom; politici, parlement, rotondes. Maar Canberra, word dikwels afgemaak as die verveligste stad van Australië, is op koers om 'n internasionale te merk..

‘Strategy of terror’: 116 dead as Ecuador prisons become battlegrounds for gangs

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A bitter struggle between rival Mexican cartels to control cocaine trafficking routes in Ecuador has erupted in a day of bloodshed inside a high-security prison which left 116 inmates dead. Many of the victims were bu...

Race to become Japan’s next PM too close to call a week before vote

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The race to become leader of Japan’s ruling party and the next prime minister is too close to call ahead of next week’s party election. It is a rare moment of uncertainty after almost a decade during which Shinzo Abe ...

Emma Raducanu could become Britain’s first billion-dollar sport star

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Most fledging British stars spend years trying to crack America. Emma Raducanu did it in three giddy weeks. And such was the skill and breathtaking scale of her first grand slam victory – which ended with her blitzing...

Fifa proposal for biennial World Cup is a ridiculous plan that could become real

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It sounds so enticing, doen dit nie? A World Cup or European Championship every summer, allowing us to gorge like a footballing Augustus Gloop almost all year round. Never mind the risk of burnout, of greater TV subscri...

California firefighters ‘stretched to limit’ as devastating blazes become the norm

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Before the ravenous Caldor fire laid siege to South Lake Tahoe, California’s top firefighting priority lay just to the north, where the Dixie fire scorched more land than any other single fire in state history. Togeth...

The devil’s in the detail: hair horns become summer’s hot new trend

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This year has brought many unexpected hair trends. First came the shullet (a cross between the 90s shag and the harder 80s mullet), then the wolf cut (a long choppy style with wispy layers and a heavy fringe), but now...

We Are Each Other review – strangers become friends in interactive comedy

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What did we miss most during the pandemic: the entertainment or the audiences? We still had box sets and online concerts; what we lacked was the interval chat and the closing applause. Whether we liked football or fil...

Rituel review – toddlers become teenagers in a captivating show

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Perfectly suited to the new outdoor stage of MultiStory, Rituel, from Matsena Productions, is a captivating journey through the ebullience of childhood and into the clumsiness of adolescence. It’s devised and performe...

Afghanistan could become terrorist base again, UK general warns

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Afghanistan could once again become a base for international terrorism, according to a former senior UK military commander who has described the withdrawal of western troops as a “strategic mistake”. As the Taliban co...

‘You never stop learning, you just become wiser’ – a photo essay on black fatherhood

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“This photo project is something I’m really drawn to because of my relationship with my dad,” says Nigerian-British photographer and director Renee Osubu. Her father passed away in 2018, while she was shooting her deb...

Myanmar could become Covid ‘super-spreader’ state, says UN expert

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Myanmar is at risk of becoming a super-spreader Covid state that fuels outbreaks across the region, the UN special rapporteur for the country has warned as he urged the security council to call for a ceasefire. The so...

UK libraries become ‘death positive’ with books and art on dying

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In the middle of Redbridge Central Library in Ilford, among all the bookshelves and displays, is a phrase that may surprise some visitors: “The death positive library.” The sign sits above a collection curated to help...

Konta and Federer become latest tennis players to pull out of Tokyo Olympics

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Johanna Konta and Roger Federer have both withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympics. Konta has revealed she has been suffering with the after-effects of Covid-19 after a member of the British tennis star’s team tested positiv...

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