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‘Beaver moon’ will feature longest partial lunar eclipse in centuries

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Stargazers across North America can expect to be dazzled by a red-hued “beaver” full moon on Thursday night and into Friday morning, during the longest partial lunar eclipse in almost six centuries. Lunar eclipses hap...

Wild beaver numbers surge to 1,000 across Scotland’s southern Highlands

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Wild beavers have colonised lochs and rivers across the southern Highlands of Scotland after a sharp surge in their numbers. A survey by NatureScot, the government conservation agency, estimates 1,000 beavers now live...

Baby beaver named after footballer Marcus Rashford by popular vote

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First there were public calls for a £200m polar research vessel to be called Boaty McBoatface, which the powers that be sadly turned down. This time the National Trust has honoured the results of a poll to name a baby...

Baby beaver born on Exmoor for first time in 400 jare

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A baby beaver has been born on Exmoor for the first time in 400 years after two adults were successfully reintroduced by the National Trust in January 2020. Camera footage shows the six-week-old kit swimming to the fa...