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Chelsea reach Women’s Champions League semis after beating Wolfsburg

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The European player of the year, Pernille Harder, scored the opening goal against her former team Wolfsburg as Chelsea earned a place in the Champions League semi-finals. Further goals from the striker Sam Kerr and En...

Rodney King: 30 years after brutal beating, activists say LAPD ‘still corrupt and violent

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Thirty years after the savage assault on Rodney King, the Los Angeles police department is facing a reckoning over its failure to curb brutality, racial profiling and officer misconduct since the historic uprising. Fo....

Coronavirus live nuus: Hawaii governor wants to curb travel; Israel boosters ‘beating Delta’

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US state asks people to reduce movement to tackle spread of Delta strain; Israel sees cases dip in wake of third shots; Australia’s Crood plan

Biden vowed to make racial justice the heart of his agenda – is it still beating?

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Defying the punishing August heat, the Rev Al Sharpton recently led a gathering thousands strong through the streets of the nation’s capital on the 58th anniversary of the March on Washington, when Martin Luther King ...

Daniel Farke urges Norwich to stay focused after beating Forest

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Norwich maintained their stranglehold at the top of the Championship with a comfortable 2-0 win at Nottingham Forest. Teemu Pukki scored his 22nd league goal of the season and Kieran Dowell added a second before half-...

Katie Boulter enjoys winning return to Wimbledon after beating Danielle Lao

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In the three years since Katie Boulter last played at Wimbledon, the Briton has experienced enough frustration for a career. She had just broken into the world’s top 100 when a stress fracture in her back put her out ...

No Bounds festival review – Sheffield’s electro-industrial heart is still beating

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No Bounds is a festival that captures the duality of Sheffield’s past and present. Centrally located in the Hope Works nightclub, a former first world war gun-barrel factory on the outskirts of town, as well as at Kel...

Linkses om Chili se jongste president ooit te word nadat hy verregse mededinger geklop het

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’n Linkse voormalige studenteleier het ’n klinkende oorwinning behaal om Chili se verkose president te word. Met byna 97% van die stemme reeds getel, Gabriel Boric beweer 55.8% om a te neem 12 persentasiepunt voorsprong bo h...

Neil Robertson speel die gunstelingstatus af nadat hy Liang Wenbo geklop het

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Neil Robertson het belowe om niks as vanselfsprekend te aanvaar nie nadat hy sy status as een van die gunstelinge vir vanjaar se Wêreldkampioenskap in snoeker onderstreep het deur Liang Wenbo by die Crucible opsy te skuif. Nog twee sentiere ...

Italian prisons under fire as video footage shows guards beating inmates

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Italy’s justice minister, Marta Cartabia, has ordered a report into conditions in the country’s prisons after the release of video footage showing guards brutally beating inmates at a jail near Naples who had demanded...

‘We need a beating heart’: Ipswich Town takeover set to be game changer

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An extraordinary general meeting of the Ipswich Town plc was drawing to a close on Monday evening when a familiar face stood up and said his piece. For the previous hour the club’s new chief executive, Mark Ashton, hy het...

Tracey Emin on beating cancer: ‘You can curl up and die – or you can get on with it’

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‘I’m smiling and talking to you,” says Tracey Emin, sitting at her kitchen table. “But it’s not always like this.” We’ve been delaying this conversation until she finally felt well enough. She has been spending a lot ...

Andy Murray in tears after beating Benoît Paire at Queen’s Club

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Three long years have passed since Andy Murray last competed in a grass court singles match in front of a loving home crowd and in that time innumerable obstacles have formed in the way of his modest goals of continui...

Shooting stars: Russians beating US in race for first film shot in space

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The list of “firsts” in orbit under the Soviet space programme is legendary: first satellite, first dog, first man, first woman. Now another looms after Russia sent an actor and a director to the International Space S...

Afghanistan: reports emerge of Taliban beating Afghans seeking to flee Kabul

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Taliban promises of “safe passage” to the Kabul airport for Afghans trying to flee the country have been undermined by reports of women and children being beaten and whipped as they try to pass through checkpoints set...

Fortress EU is beating Belarus, with refugees as pawns in cruel game

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There was chaos at the border. Thousands of Middle Eastern refugees and migrants had massed at the crossing point to the European Union, hoping for a better life. Many had been taken to the barbed-wire fence on state-...

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