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It’s hard to ‘level up’ when No 10 is always bearing down on everyone

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Michael Gove, in his new role as the cabinet’s major-domo and minister in charge of “levelling up”, is about to expend large amounts of intellectual and political capital attempting to close the gap between the south-...

Jerusalem in My Heart: Qalaq review – bearing witness to a manufactured apocalypse

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Radwan Ghazi Moumneh has had a hand in some of the most astonishing experimental music this side of the millennium, both behind the scenes as recording engineer at Montreal studio Hotel2Tango and on stage fronting his...

Camels bearing healthcare deliver hope in Kenya – photo essay

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Thirteen camels amble their way across the dusty, drought-stricken landscape, accompanied by seven men in bright yellow T-shirts and three nurses. The camels are loaded with trunks full of medicines, bandages and fami...

Harde ent: agterplaas tuinier eis wêreldrekord vir boom dra 10 verskillende vrugte

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Aan die agterkant van 'n voorstedelike huis in 'n lowerryke Shepparton-straat, 'n nederige boom dra 10 verskillende vrugte het pas 'n Guinness-wêreldrekord vir die meeste soorte vrugte op 'n enkele boom geëis. Die boom is die resultaat van 'n de...

Bearing gifts: the camels bringing books to Pakistan’s poorest children

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Sharatoon had wanted to continue her studies, but she had to leave school and her beloved books when she got married aged 15. Nou 27, Sharatoon is happy reading again, as every Friday a camel visits her small town, hi...

A donkey: ‘Better to be born a limpet in the sea than a load bearing donkey’

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When a donkey brays it is as though every rusted gate nearby is opening and closing at once; as though the iron seesaws and swings and roundabouts in one hundred abandoned playgrounds have begun to move by themselves:...