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We Need to Do Something review – doom and gloom in the bathroom

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A decade ago, Jeff Nichols directed Take Shelter, a remarkably prophetic, big-picture drama with Michael Shannon as a construction worker alienating his loved ones with his insistence on building a bunker in readiness...

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon’s overworked delivery drivers

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James Meyers worked as a driver for several Amazon delivery service providers in Austin, Texas, for about one year until he quit in October 2020 citing the immense workloads and poor working conditions. Fourteen-hour...

New York woman discovers secret apartment behind bathroom mirror

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After Samantha Hartsoe stumbled upon an entire three-bedroom apartment hidden behind the bathroom mirror in her own New York home, she chose to ignore the lessons of any good horror film – and explore further. “Curios...

Plastic-free bathroom treats you can easily recycle

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British people are mostly onboard with kitchen recycling, but we’re less diligent in the bathroom, where, depressingly, about half our packaging gets chucked straight into the bin to end its days in landfill. Oggi, T...