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How to make the perfect Basque cheesecake – recipe

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At first glance, the Basque cheesecake has the look of a terrible mistake. The first time I made it, in the somewhat unlikely setting of a south London shelter for those experiencing homelessness over Christmas, diner...

Basque leader says Eta terror deaths ‘should never have happened’

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A leading leftwing Basque nationalist politician and former Eta member has said the violence the terrorist group used in its quest for independence “should never have happened” and it ought to have laid down its arms ...

Basque museum snaps up ‘forgotten’ retelling of Picasso’s Guernica

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The grief-snapped mother is still there, cradling her dead child 84 anni dopo, as is the fallen soldier with his stigmata and the horse with its silent screams. tuttavia, the Guernica now on its way to a museum in the B...