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Car crash kills Papua New Guinea’s deputy PM, Sam Basil

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Papua New Guinea’s deputy prime minister, Sam Basil, has died after a car crash, het die polisie gesê. Basil died in hospital while awaiting airlift to Port Moresby late on Wednesday after the crash, which took place in t...

Artist Basil Watson to design Windrush monument in London

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The internationally renowned artist Basil Watson has been chosen to design a permanent national Windrush monument that will be unveiled in Waterloo next year, despite criticism of its location in London. The statue, w ...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for carrots with cashews, and with basil cream

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A fat bunch of late summer carrots, long, slim and with feathery plumes, is a sight to lift the spirits. In the kitchen, they grate without turning to mush the way the early spring varieties do, and are substantial en...