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Law chambers discriminated against gender-critical barrister, tribunaal reëls

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A barrister who tweeted criticism of the LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall’s position on trans rights was unlawfully discriminated against and victimised as a result of her views, ’n indiensnemingstribunaal bevind het. Allison Bail...

Top barrister accuses Labour of ‘spin’ over NDAs gagging ex-staff

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One of the UK’s most high-profile freedom of expression lawyers has accused Labour of “spin and dissembling” for denying it attempted to stop two female ex-staffers from speaking about sexual harassment. In a highly u...

Christian Porter’s barrister should not have been barred from case because friend of accuser ‘wishes him ill’, hof gesê

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Christian Porter’s high-profile barrister should not have been barred from acting for the former attorney general in his defamation case against the ABC because a close friend of his accuser “wishes him ill”, die fee...

‘Unnecessary and irresponsible’? No – barristers are striking because justice is being denied

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According to the justice secretary, Dominic Raab, like thousands of my fellow criminal barristers I am taking part in an “unnecessary and irresponsible strike” that will “cause delays for victims and the wider public”...

Karim Khan: the ‘very modern British barrister’ heading ICC’s Russia inquiry

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While Boris Johnson and his cabinet scramble to deliver measures that will give Vladimir Putin pause for thought in his assault on Ukraine, another – lesser known – Briton is poised to have a potentially more signific...

Barrister wat gedagvaar het nadat kollega hom gevra het om op te hou fart, verloor saak

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’n Senior advokaat wat die Crown Prosecution Service gedagvaar het (CPS) nadat 'n kollega hom gevra het om op te hou om wind te breek in die kamer waarin hulle saam gewerk het, het sy saak verloor. Tarique Mohammed het vir teistering gedagvaar en aan 'n ...

Black barrister to lead independent police oversight board

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Police chiefs hoping to pull themselves out of a race crisis have appointed a new tsar who has previously said black people fear calling on officers for help. Barrister Abimbola Johnson will chair a new independent sc...

‘I’m not the defendant’: the trials of a black barrister

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I remember the first time that I was stopped by police officers simply because of the colour of my skin. It was a dark winter night and I was in east London, driving Jermaine, my boyfriend at the time, home. I’d drive...