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Age no barrier: how Jo Schoonbroodt smashed the 70+ marathon record

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At an age where many of his contemporaries are winding down, the man they call the Grey Kenyan is somehow speeding up. On Sunday Jo Schoonbroodt, a 71-year-old from Maastricht, ran a marathon in a staggering 2hr 54min...

Perdido en la traducción: is research into species being missed because of a language barrier?

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Valeria Ramírez Castañeda, a Colombian biologist, spends her time in the Amazon studying how snakes eat poisonous frogs without getting ill. Although her findings come in many shapes and sizes, in her years as a resea...

‘It’s not supposed to be white’: one of the Great Barrier Reef’s healthiest reefs succumbs to bleaching

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Through a snorkel mask, the corals struggling for survival in the heat are easy to spot. Some have turned white while others are pouring out a fluorescent pigment into their flesh – it’s spectacular, but it’s also a s...

Dead coral found at Great Barrier Reef as widespread bleaching event unfolds

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Dead corals are being recorded in aerial surveys across the Great Barrier Reef in what the marine park’s chief scientist says is a widespread and serious bleaching event on the world heritage icon. Aerial surveys have...

Unesco to visit Great Barrier Reef as coral bleaching risk rises

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A United Nations monitoring trip to the Great Barrier Reef will land in Queensland later this month just as forecasts suggest the risk of widespread coral bleaching will be at its highest. Unesco has confirmed two sci...

Before Brooklyn: the secret heroes who helped break baseball’s color barrier

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Decades after the installation of a color barrier in professional baseball, one of the nation’s top Black athletes – Jackie Robinson – stood on a Major League field for a tryout. Infield practice, batting practice, fu...

Australia is spending billions on the Great Barrier Reef. Will it do any good?

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The Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest coral reef system, covering an area about the size of Germany – always comes with big numbers. Last month the Australian government pledged another seemingly large figure, ...

Great Barrier Reef on verge of another mass bleaching after highest temperatures on record

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Temperatures over the Great Barrier Reef in December were the highest on record with “alarming” levels of heat that have put the ocean jewel on the verge of another mass bleaching of corals, according to analysis from...

‘Dancing through the water’: rare sighting of blanket octopus in Great Barrier Reef

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Only a handful of people have spotted the dazzling blanket octopus in the wild, making it one of the rarest sights in the marine world. The technicolour marine mollusc was spotted last week by reef guide and marine bi...

Island hideaway: has the endangered mahogany glider found a new home off the Great Barrier Reef?

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If there has been rain and it’s after dark, Daryl Dickson listens for a shower of drops bumped loose from the leaves above. When it’s dry, it could be the faint sound of the caps of bloodwood blossoms landing on her r...

Philadelphia QB Jalen Hurts urges NFL to act over Washington barrier collapse

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In an open letter, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has called on the NFL and the Washington Football Team to improve safety measures at FedExField after a railing collapsed at the stadium on Sunday. En...

Australia acusada de intentar bloquear proceso de la Unesco que podría poner en peligro la Gran Barrera de Coral

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Una docena de países han acusado al gobierno australiano de intentar detener un proceso que aún podría llevar a que la Gran Barrera de Coral sea incluida en una lista de sitios del patrimonio mundial "en peligro".. Pero una cli global..

Lee Elder, golfer who broke colour barrier at the Masters, dies at age of 87

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Lee Elder, the pioneering golfer who broke several of the sport’s colour barriers, ha muerto a la edad de 87. The PGA Tour confirmed Elder’s death on Monday. The most notable moment of his career occurred in 1975 when...

Brixton’s Barrier Block: ‘When it went up everyone hated it’

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Más que 50 years after it was designed, Southwyck House still looms over Brixton in south London, drawing fascination and dislike in equal measure. Originally council housing, the giant concrete structure with tiny ...

‘No one has noticed it’: 400-year-old giant coral discovered on Great Barrier Reef

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A 10.5 metros de ancho, four centuries old and twice the size of its nearest cousin, an “exceptionally large” coral has been discovered on the Great Barrier Reef – the widest known in the area. The coral is 5.3 metres ta...

The lobbying push that killed off a fight to save the Great Barrier Reef

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The successful campaign to keep the Great Barrier Reef off Unesco’s ‘in danger’ list has been greeted with dismay – and gloom about the reef’s chance of recovery. Graham Readfearn explains the fierce global effort to ...

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