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‘No one has noticed it’: 400-year-old giant coral discovered on Great Barrier Reef

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By 10.5 metres wide, four centuries old and twice the size of its nearest cousin, an “exceptionally large” coral has been discovered on the Great Barrier Reef – the widest known in the area. The coral is 5.3 metres ta...

The lobbying push that killed off a fight to save the Great Barrier Reef

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The successful campaign to keep the Great Barrier Reef off Unesco’s ‘in danger’ list has been greeted with dismay – and gloom about the reef’s chance of recovery. Graham Readfearn explains the fierce global effort to ...

Oggendpos: Sydney’s Covid test, Great Barrier Reef vote, Olyroos upset win

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Goeie more. National cabinet meets today to discuss the worsening Covid outbreaks and progress on the vaccine rollout, a UN committee votes on the status of the Great Barrier Reef tonight and cockatoos in Sydney are...

Joanna Lumley and Jason Momoa join prominent group backing Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’ listing

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An international line-up of actors, conservationists and scientists, including Joanna Lumley and Hollywood star Jason Momoa, has backed calls for the Great Barrier Reef to be placed on a list of world heritage sites i...

‘Fossil fuel friends’: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain back Australia’s lobbying on Great Barrier Reef

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Australia has gained the support of oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in its lobbying effort to keep the Great Barrier Reef off a list of world heritage sites in danger. The two nations, both members of the 21-country...

Unesco says ‘in danger’ listing would be ‘call to action’ on Great Barrier Reef

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Unesco officials have rejected concerns raised by Australia and ambassadors from 11 other countries that processes were not followed ahead of a key meeting next month that could see the Great Barrier Reef placed on a ...

Political ploys and an ocean jewel: what’s behind the UN’s ‘in danger’ warning for the Great Barrier Reef

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The Australian government says it has been blindsided by a recommendation by official United Nations science advisers that the Great Barrier Reef be placed on the world heritage “in danger” list. Australia’s ocean jew...

UN body pushed to demand stronger climate action from Australia to save Great Barrier Reef

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Members of the United Nations World Heritage Committee are being lobbied to pressure Australia to commit to more ambitious climate action as part of its plan to slow the decline of the Great Barrier Reef ahead of a ke...

US Capitol: officer dead after suspect rams car against security barrier – video report

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The US Capitol was put under lockdown after a car reportedly rammed two US Capitol police officers before crashing into a giant concrete barrier outside the complex.The suspect reportedly drove into the barrier and la...