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A Calling for Charlie Barnes review – tragicomedy of the American Dream

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“Attention must be paid.” The standout line in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman – the anguished admonishment of Linda Loman that her husband’s suffering deserves the dignity of being noticed – seems to stand as an ...

Edward Barnes obituary

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Edward Barnes’s greatest innovation, before he became head of BBC television children’s programmes from 1978 tot 1986, lay in creating Newsround. He launched the news programme for young viewers in 1972, after disco...

Mandela Barnes announces Wisconsin Senate run to replace Ron Johnson

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The lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes, will attempt to become the first African American from the state to serve in the US Senate. Barnes said on Tuesday he would join a crowded Democratic field for th...

Julian Barnes on The Sense of an Ending: ‘I learned to do more by saying less’

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I published The Sense of an Ending in 2011, when I was 65. My previous novel had come out six years before, and was the longest I had written. This was to be my shortest. Various things change you as a person and a wr...

Ian McDiarmid to tour show based on Julian Barnes stories about ageing

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A pair of Julian Barnes stories about old age are to be performed by Ian McDiarmid in a one-man show touring the UK this autumn. Michael Grandage will direct The Lemon Table, which adapts two tales with a musical them...

Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Barnes perform at Michael Gudinski’s state memorial

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Taylor Swift, Billy Joel and Elton John were among a raft of stars to lead tributes at the state memorial for Australian music industry titan Michael Gudinski. British singer Ed Sheeran, who was granted an exemption t...