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David Littleproud to run against Barnaby Joyce for National party leadership

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David Littleproud will run against Barnaby Joyce for leadership of the National party. The high-profile deputy leader announced on Saturday he’d told Joyce of his decision to nominate. “I also took the opportunity to ...

Barnaby Joyce directs New England preferences to One Nation candidate living in Brisbane

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The One Nation candidate preferenced by the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, in his regional New South Wales electorate is a salesman from inner-city Brisbane. Joyce has directed preferences in his ultra-safe New...

Barnaby Joyce refuses to use term energy ‘transition’ because it ‘equals unemployment’

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Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce believes a “transition” from coal to cleaner energy “equals unemployment” in the regions, declaring the Coalition would not use the term during the election. The Nationals leader ha...

Australiese politiek leef: NSW and Victoria to ease Covid isolation rules; Barnaby Joyce warns of ‘little Cuba’ after Solomon Islands-China pact

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Challenges for both leaders ahead of first debate of 2022 election campaign; Penny Wong lashes Morrison government’s handling of Solomon Islands as PM defends response; Anthony Albanese says aged care workers are desp...

Barnaby Joyce’s drought envoy texts to Scott Morrison should be released, information watchdog rules

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The prime minister’s office has been ordered to search for text messages from Barnaby Joyce to Scott Morrison reporting on his work as drought envoy, in the second ruling this week on freedom of information battles in...

Barnaby Joyce abolishes body set up to advise on major water projects after dam announcements

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The deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has dissolved the national advisory body established less than two years ago to scrutinise major water projects. This came after an expert member of the body, Stuart Khan, exp...

Barnaby Joyce pulls out of ABC’s Insiders as Labor says role as deputy PM ‘untenable’

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Australia’s deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has revealed he offered his resignation to Scott Morrison while publicly apologising for calling him a “hypocrite and a liar” in a leaked text message. Joyce told repo...

Barnaby Joyce called Scott Morrison ‘a hypocrite and a liar’ in leaked text message

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Barnaby Joyce labelled Scott Morrison “a hypocrite and a liar” in a private text message, sent before he returned to the leadership of the National party. In another blow for the embattled prime minister, the leaked t...

‘Meet Barnaby Joyce!’: Amber Heard names dog after Australia’s deputy PM

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Six years after Barnaby Joyce threatened to euthanise dogs belonging to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Heard appears to have had the last laugh, naming her new four-legged friend after Australia’s deputy prime minister....

Australië regstreekse nuusopdatering: Barnaby Joyce is gekant teen Julian Assange-uitlewering; NSW treinstaking; mRNA-entstowwe kan in Victoria gemaak word

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Barnaby Joyce sê Julian Assange moet nie aan die VSA uitgelewer word nie; passasiers op NSW-spoornetwerk staar nog 'n dag van ontwrigting in die gesig as treinvakbondstakings - volg al die dag se nuus

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy PM, tests positive for Covid while visiting US

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Australia’s deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has tested positive to Covid-19 while on a visit to the United States. The government says Joyce – who was in London earlier this week and met with the British justice...

Live nuus van Australië nuus: Barnaby Joyce toets positief vir Covid; toename in NSW sake gekoppel aan meer partye; Omicron kan dominante stam word

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Adjunk-premier gee positiewe Covid-toets terug in die VSA; vrou sterf in vloedwater in Brisbane; 'n trivia-aand by 'n kroeg in Sydney is die bron van 'n nuwe Covid-kluster na 44 mense is met die virus gediagnoseer. Fo....

‘Ek gaan nie na sy partytjies toe nie’: nuwe voorsitter van Infrastructure Australia sê werk nie daaroor om Barnaby Joyce se maat te wees nie

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Uittredende Tamworth-burgemeester Kol Murray het bewerings verwerp dat hy deur Barnaby Joyce as voorsitter van Infrastructure Australia gekies is omdat hy 'n maat is., sê “Ek gaan nie na sy partytjies toe nie; hy gaan nie na myne nie.” Murray se pr...

Labor blasts Barnaby Joyce for appointing Tamworth mayor and ‘solid supporter’ for infrastructure role

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Labor has blasted Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce for being set to appoint the retiring mayor of Tamworth, Col Murray, as the new chair of Infrastructure Australia. Asked on Tuesday by the shadow infrastructure Catheri...

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