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Barclays’ error has trashed our credit ratings

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We have a joint mortgage with Barclays but have just discovered that for the last 11 months the bank has been wrongly recording that we paid late. This is completely false – our payments have arrived on time – but it ...

Extinction Rebellion blocks Whitehall in protest against HMRC and Barclays

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Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked Whitehall in a protest against HMRC’s links to Barclays Bank, which handles the government’s tax collection bank accounts. On the second day of the environmenta...

Barclays raises size of its bonus pool to £1bn as Covid restrictions ease

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Barclays has increased the size of its bonus pool by 45%, with top bankers in line for a combined payout of more than £1bn after a rebound in profits as the economy improves and pandemic restrictions recede. Setting o...

UK heading for biggest economic boom since 1948 – Barclays chief

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The UK economy is on course for its biggest economic boom since 1948 as the country’s vaccination programme allows consumers to go out and spend, according to the chief executive of Barclays. Jes Staley predicted the ...

‘So full of life and love, so sad inside’: how Jacinda Barclay’s death could help us understand concussion in sport

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Tall, whispering gum trees line the driveway of the Barclay property. The homestead sits nestled into the side of a gentle slope up a lightly wooded hillside. It’s a green oasis under the hot Perth sun – a bath is fil...

My married name didn’t cheque out with Barclays

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I got married in 2018 but have mostly kept my maiden name, which still appears on my passport. Egter, I occasionally receive cheques in my married name. I recently tried to pay one in to my Barclays account and took...