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Want to see the real Catalonia? Then look beyond Barcelona

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On a hushed, narrow street decorated with wrought-iron balconies in the small Catalonian city of Solsona, local guide Ivan Viladrich has just pushed open the unassuming wooden door of an 18th-century building. Hidden ...

Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal: Women’s Champions League – live!

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A second half consolation goal was all Arsenal had to show for their efforts on a night they were totally outclassed by the European champions

Atlético Madrid 2-0 Barcelona: La Liga – as it happened

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Thomas Lemar and Luis Suarez scored almost identical first-half goals that condemned belaguered Barcelona to their second defeat in a week

Shakira says two wild boars attacked her in Barcelona park

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Shakira said two wild boars attacked her in a Barcelona park and destroyed her bag. In an Instagram story post, the singer held up her dirty and torn bag as evidence, which she said boars tried to carry off into the w...

Lewandowski at the double as Bayern Munich offer Barcelona reality check

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“This will be an interesting game to draw conclusions about where we are,” Ronald Koeman had said. The answer, as they suspected, was a long way from aspiring to win the Champions League. Thirteen months later Barcelo...

Barcelona 0-3 Bayern, Malmö 0-3 Juventus: Champions League - soos dit gebeur het

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Bayern München het weer 'n nommer oor Barcelona behaal, terwyl Juventus die wenwyses in Malmö herontdek het

‘The project is alive’: Barcelona president says ESL is still possible

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The Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has maintained that the European Super League project is still alive, despite the withdrawal earlier this year of the majority of founding clubs. The Catalan club, along with Rea...

Barcelona president Laporta blames Bartomeu for ‘worrying’ €1.35bn debt

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The Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has given details of the club’s “very worrying” financial situation, revealing the La Liga giants are €1.35bn (£1.1bn) in debt. Laporta blamed his predecessor, Josep Bartomeu, fo...

Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona after ‘obstacles’ thwart contract renewal

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Barcelona have announced that Lionel Messi is leaving the club after “financial and structural obstacles” made it impossible to renew his contract. The forward, who has spent his whole career there, had been expected ...

Controversial Barcelona airport expansion plan agreed

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The Spanish and Catalan governments have agreed a controversial plan to expand Barcelona airport that would increase passenger numbers from 55 million to 70 million a year. The €1.7bn plan, funded by Aena, the Spanish...

Barcelona cannabis clubs face closure in new legal setback

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Barcelona’s 200 cannabis clubs face closure after the supreme court shut a legal loophole that has seen the city become Spain’s marijuana capital. It is the latest in a series of setbacks for the asociaciónes, as they...

Departures at high-profile Barcelona museum provoke anger in art world

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A row has broken out in the international art world over the departures of Tanya Barson, the English curator, and Pablo Martínez, the head of programmes, from the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Macba). The pair...

App maps shady spots to guide Barcelona walkers along cooler routes

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A new app promises to help Barcelona residents find the shadiest route between two places to avoid extreme heat. Cool Walks, a routing tool for pedestrians first developed at a data visualisation contest, aims to show...

Barcelona Dreaming by Rupert Thomson review – a magical homage to Catalonia

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I want to admit that, although he has written a dozen novels and a memoir, all apparently much loved and acclaimed, I have somehow never read Rupert Thomson’s work until now. I feel it worth mentioning this because I’...

Straatverkopers in Barcelona pak Nike aan met afrigters van eie handelsmerke

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Na jare van goedkoop eksemplare van ontwerperskoene en handsakke verkoop, Die straatverkopers van Barcelona het 'n koöperasie gestig en 'n reeks opleiers onder die handelsnaam Top Manta van stapel gestuur. Anders as 'n vroeëre poging om te ....

Keith Haring’s Barcelona mural to be moved as former club faces demolition

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It all began one February night in 1989. César de Melero was DJing in the Ars Studio club in Barcelona when someone told him that the artist Keith Haring was outside but the doorman wouldn’t let him in. “The place was...

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