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How the barbaric lessons learned in Syria came to haunt one small Ukrainian village

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A dog came bounding over as Oleh Bondarenko walked towards the garden containing the burned-out house where he had been beaten, tortured and left to die. “Hey, amigo,” he shouted, stroking her head and explaining the...

‘A barbaric federal program’: US killed 1.75m animals last year – or 200 per hour

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An obscure division of the US government had a busy – and ruthless – year in 2021, matando a más de 1.75 million animals across the country, at a rate of around 200 creatures every hour. The latest annual toll of Wil...

Liga MX suspended as Fifa condemns ‘barbaric’ riot that leaves dozens injured in Mexico

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Por lo menos 26 people were injured, including three critically, on Saturday when fans brawled during a football game in central Mexico. The Liga MX match between the hosts Queretaro and Atlas from Guadalajara was suspend...

Didi the latest casualty as China tackles tech’s ‘barbaric growth’

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China’s biggest ride-hailing company, Didi, is the latest casualty of Beijing’s effort to rein in upstart tech companies that had been left to their own devices in the absence of proper regulation. The Cyberspace Admi...

‘It’s barbaric’: some US children getting hit at school despite bans

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When a Florida elementary school principal was caught on video spanking a six-year-old girl with a wooden paddle last month, it sparked national outrage and a criminal investigation. But for those who believed the pri...

Four men found guilty over ‘extraordinarily barbaricQueensland toolbox murders

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A jury has taken just two hours to convict four men for the “breathtakingly evil” deaths of two people whose bodies were found in a toolbox submerged in a Queensland lagoon. The verdict was delivered to a packed supre...