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New York attorney general alleges Trump firm misled banks and tax officials

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The New York attorney general’s office has told a court that its investigators have uncovered evidence that the former US president Donald Trump’s company used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to get loans ...

New Zealand banks reject home loans over spending on Christmas gifts and pets as tighter rules hit

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Banks in New Zealand are rejecting home-loans over minor frivolous spending, including a $187 Kmart Christmas shop and a daily drink bought at a corner store, and money spent on pets or petrol, pushing the government ...

Guardian’s Cadwalladr in court to fight defamation claim by Brexit backer Banks

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The Observer and Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr will appear in court in London next Friday to defend herself against an accusation of defamation brought by Arron Banks, the multi-millionaire businessman and out...

My winter of love: Scrolling through sperm banks wasn’t sexy – but it was surprisingly intimate

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Surrounded by glittering Christmas lights, in between sips of red wine, my friend made me a very decent proposal. “My sperm," Egli ha detto. “You can have it if you like.” We’d been catching up over festive drinks and the t...

Basic failures at UK banks prompt much-needed zeal from regulators

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Last week’s £264m penalty and criminal conviction for NatWest for money-laundering failures still takes the prize for the most spectacular collapse we’ve seen in years in a bank’s controls department. The saga, almost...

Hope on the banks of the Clyde: Cop26 legacy sculpture installed

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A new public sculpture that calls for optimism about humanity’s response to the climate crisis has been installed in a park once home to Glasgow’s last working coalmine. The Hope Sculpture, featuring an androgynous ch...

Greensill: British Business Bank’s ‘woefully inadequate’ checks put £335m at risk, dire parlamentari

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Up to £335m of taxpayers’ money could be at risk due to failures by the British Business Bank to properly scrutinise collapsed lender Greensill Capital, secondo un nuovo rapporto. The public accounts committee found t...

Fraud victims face ‘reimbursement lottery’ from their banks

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Scam victims are facing a “reimbursement lottery” when they ask their banks to compensate them for their losses, the consumer group Which? has claimed. Three-quarters of customers who were turned down by their banks a...

Rishi Sunak’s budget ‘hammers’ working people while giving banks a tax cut, says Labour – UK politics live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says Resolution Foundation report shows this is an ‘out-of-touch, high-tax, low-growth budget’

Why are UK banks making so much money and why are their taxes being cut?

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UK banks have so far reported bumper profit rises in the third quarter, which they say reflects improving economic forecasts. Other sectors do not seem to be reaping the same benefits, particularly in light of the unc...

French manicure: an immaculate apartment on the banks of the Seine

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When Célia Bernard and her husband Jean-Marie Castille found this two-bedroom Parisian apartment directly on the Right Bank of the Seine, they were sure about one thing: they didn’t want to paint it white. Anziché, ns...

To fight the climate crisis, banks must stop financing factory farming

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As the climate crisis boils over, new research shows that reducing methane emissions is our best hope to rapidly stem the crisis. It’s time to turn up the heat on the industrial meat industry and dramatically curtail ...

Food banks warn of smaller parcels due to HGV supply shortages

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Food banks have said they will have to shrink the size of the parcels they give to struggling families owing to declining stock levels caused by the HGV crisis, supply shortages and a collapse in public donations. A c...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: UK food banks ‘preparing for worst’; record cases in Australian state of Victoria

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UK benefit bonus comes to an end; Australian state of Victoria records 1,438 new cases as Delta outbreak continues to grow

‘We’ve signed Ronaldo’: could other banks follow Goldman Sachs to Birmingham?

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Investment bankers are rarely compared to football stars. But when the West Midlands mayor, Andy Street, formally welcomed Goldman Sachs to Birmingham this month, he likened its arrival to one of the summer’s big tran...

High cost of childcare in UK makes low-income parents resort to food banks

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Low-income parents and those on universal credit are resorting to using food banks as a result of the high costs of childcare, according to a landmark UK survey shared with the Guardian. As MPs debated the cost and av...

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