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Ex-Goldman banker Roger Ng found guilty in billion-dollar 1MDB scandal

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The former Goldman Sachs executive Roger Ng has been found guilty of helping to steal billions of dollars from Malaysia’s 1MDB sovereign wealth fund after a lengthy trial brought by US prosecutors, who described the f...

US trial begins for ex-Goldman Sachs banker accused in 1MDB scandal

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Opening statements are expected to take place on Monday in the US corruption trial of a former Goldman Sachs banker charged with helping to launder hundreds of millions of dollars looted from Malaysia’s 1MDB sovereign...

Former banker Richard Meddings to become chair of NHS England

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Ministers have chosen a senior banker as the new chair of NHS England, with a brief to push through changes in the way the service operates and cut spiralling waiting lists. Richard Meddings, a former chair of TSB Ban...

Ecuador election: former banker Lasso in lead with 93% of vote counted

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A conservative businessman looks likely to become Ecuador’s president, with voters rejecting the leftist movement started by former president Rafael Correa more than a decade ago. The electoral council in Ecuador did ...

Ecuador election: former banker Lasso ahead after 90% of vote counted

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Voters in Ecuador appeared to turn to a conservative businessman in Sunday’s presidential runoff election, rebuffing a leftist movement that held the presidency for over a decade marked by an economic boom and then a ...