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Patrick Bamford receives first England call-up but Greenwood misses out

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Leeds United’s Patrick Bamford has received his first England senior call-up as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jesse Lingard returned to international duty for next month’s World Cup qualifiers against Poland, Andorra and...

Patrick Bamford hopes England call can help him dispel privilege myths

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Patrick Bamford is fluent in four languages, his dad is a billionaire, his private school pushed him to play rugby and he rejected a place at Harvard to become a professional footballer instead. Only one is correct, en ...

Patrick Bamford rescues late point for Leeds to frustrate Burnley

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Burnley and Leeds’ winless starts to the new Premier League season continued after Chris Wood and Patrick Bamford both scored against their former clubs in a feisty trans-Pennine derby. Sean Dyche’s side looked set t...