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Ed Balls on his childhood look: ‘A wonky bowl! What was Mum thinking?'

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Former cabinet minister Ed Balls was born in Norwich in 1967. After a stint as a journalist at the Financial Times, he was poached by then shadow chancellor Gordon Brown in 1994 and became a key figure in forging the ...

Long balls and fear hampered England in Euro 2020 finale, Uefa experts claim

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Reverting to the long-ball game and being “scared to lose” were factors in England’s Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy, according to a tournament report from Uefa’s technical experts. While praising Gareth Southgate’s s...

Rudimental: Ground Control review – the energy of a thousand leavers’ balls

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Ground control to Major Tom: it’s been 18 months cooped up inside and the youth are looking for mashup-in-a-field catharsis, for big, festival-filling tunes that’ll get the bucket hats bouncing, for a release. Luckily...

Zoe Ball’s pay cut means BBC’s highest-paid star is still a man

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Zoe Ball has taken a £380,000 pay cut to remain as host of the Radio 2 breakfast show for a further two years, meaning she avoids becoming the first woman to top the BBC’s list of highest-paid stars. Ball’s salary had...

‘A kick in the balls to the male art scene’: Breaking the Mould review

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Perhaps it is the pandemic-induced lack of physical contact or the fact that I am alone, unsupervised in an art gallery, but I want to touch everything in Breaking the Mould: Sculpture by Women Since 1945. The squidgy...

Two more Tory terms? Before the party gets too excited, there is work to be done

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When news broke on Friday afternoon that Ben Houchen had been reelected as the Tees Valley mayor with an eye-watering 73% of the vote, the Tory party was in shock. Downing Street aides turned to celebratory drinks, Bo...

With Nicola Sturgeon safe, the battle for the union is back on

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For a few days last week, the Conservative party allowed itself to think the impossible. With Nicola Sturgeon seemingly on the ropes over her evidence to the Holyrood inquiry, Tory MPs started to imagine a world where...

Cake balls: a new way to celebrate children’s birthdays

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How do you celebrate a child’s birthday when you can neither go places nor have people over? Dopo 11 months of varying degrees of lockdown, it was my youngest’s turn and the ‘let’s make staying at home fun’ ideas had...