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Royal Ballet Beauty Mixed Programme review – in the theatre, I would have been sobbing

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As dance shakes out its post-lockdown limbs, one thing is clear: the online sharing of performance is here to stay. It gives companies an opportunity to reach a much wider public than could cram into the theatre on an...

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen: Palmos review – hypnotic instants of connection

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Palmos is a ballet that comes drenched in its music– songs taken from albums by the American artist Active Child (Patrick Grossi), who has also written two new tracks for the show. It’s a soundwash of electronic shimm...

British Ballet Charity Gala review - 'n opvallende dans-ekstravaganza

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The arts are in a Covid crisis and here’s Darcey Bussell to the rescue, die bemeestering van 'n fondsinsameling met die ses belangrikste balletgeselskappe van die Verenigde Koninkryk en twee groot kontemporêre groepe. Dit is nie jou gemiddelde gala nie, in the obvio...

San Francisco Ballet review – vintage glamour and Cheever’s Swimmer reimagined

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Australian choreographer Danielle Rowe has a clutch of stage works under her belt, but in lockdown she has turned to film-making. First it was funny ballet skits, and now she’s made her first major work for San Franci...

Dutch National Ballet: Metamorphosis review – exquisite dancing in the dark

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David Dawson’s choreography sometimes seems in awe of the beauty of the human body. Or a specific type of beauty, ten minste: a lean, extravagantly angled exhibition of bodies, stretched and tilted for maximum impact. H...

Ballet dancer used his fame to abuse students, London court told

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A former English National Ballet principal dancer used his “power and prestige” to sexually abuse young dance students in his care, 'n hof gehoor het. Yat-Sen Chang, 49, has been charged with 12 counts of sexual assau...

Engelse Nasionale Ballet: Reünie-oorsig - rekkieslywe en 'n stormloop van energie

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Wanneer die aankondiging dat u moet afskakel, u telefoon verdrink deur koors en gejuig, jy weet gehore is bly om weer in die teater te wees. English National Ballet mors geen tyd om op die verhoog te kom nie, konveer ...

Northern Ballet: Dangerous Liaisons review – more sedate than seductive

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Name recognition is important for ballet companies: make a ballet of a familiar story, get bums on seats, stay afloat. But that doesn’t mean a known title always makes a good ballet. Northern Ballet’s David Nixon firs...

New York City Ballet review - Sofia Coppola's mooi, intieme portret

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Dit is redelik om te sê dat dans op die skerm meer ambisieus word as New York City Ballet Sofia Coppola gaan huur om hul nuutste film te regisseer.. Maar die swaargewigregisseur is nie swaar in hierdie pragtig beoordeelde re ...

Ex-English National Ballet dancer convicted of sexually abusing young students

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A revered former English National Ballet (ENB) principal dancer faces a lengthy prison sentence after he was convicted of sexually abusing young dance students in his care. Yat-Sen Chang, 49, a leading figure within t...

Former Royal Ballet choreographer Liam Scarlett dies aged 35

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Liam Scarlett, the internationally renowned choreographer, is op die ouderdom van 35, a year after leaving the Royal Ballet amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour. The cause of death has not been disclosed. In a...

Birmingham Royal Ballet: Curated by Carlos review – a kick and a promise from Acosta

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“Could we trade tradition for transformation?” asks poet Casey Bailey in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s latest premiere, City of a Thousand Trades. BRB’s artistic director Carlos Acosta is not about to trash tradition but ...

Birds of Paradise review – Amazon’s ballet drama is no Black Swan

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Two beautiful, lithe, painfully thin dancers compete for a coveted spot in a ruthless ballet program, come together and apart as two halves of a whole amid drugs, hallucinations and sex until one breaks. You’d be righ...

Aidan O’Brien set to run just hot favourite Bolshoi Ballet in the Derby

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Aidan O’Brien, whose stable has become the dominant force this century in the Derby, has made the surprise announcement that he will have just one runner in the Epsom Classic on Saturday. The Ballydoyle trainer is to ...

Men en pointe: ballet dancers kick against gender stereotypes

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Performing on the tips of the toes is part of the mystique of a female ballerina but male dancers devoted to the pointe technique want to be taken more seriously“I was always attracted to pointe shoes. They were like ...

Engelse Nasionale Ballet: Solstice review - geslaan swane, gebeitelde abs en stampende tegno

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Vir dans na afsluiting, die gala is in. Dit is 'n formaat wat aan Covid voldoen, gebruik klein groepies wat in borrels geoefen kan word, geen stelle nie, en is maklik verteerbaar vir almal wie se aandag deur wal vernietig is..

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