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In die lewe, my sister taught me how to love. In death, she made me want to fix the funeral industry

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I hold his lower leg up so his daughter can gently wash underneath his knee. Then she does the same for me. We kneel on each side of her father’s body, which we brought home from the hospital where he died last night....

Stonewall ‘malicious’ in legal fight against Allison Bailey, tribunal hears

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Stonewall has been “high-handed and malicious” in its ongoing legal fight against a gender critical barrister, her lawyer has told the final day of an employment tribunal. The barrister Allison Bailey is suing her cha...

Briton accused of spying for Russia at Berlin embassy to be tried at Old Bailey

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A former security guard at the British embassy in Berlin who is accused of spying for Russia will face a trial at the Old Bailey next year. David Smith, 57, allegedly passed secret information about the British govern...

Poem of the week: Nocturnal by Paul Bailey

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Nocturnal I knew a man once who wished he hadn’t been born.He meant what he said.He wasn’t a poseur.In the few, radiant years I knew himHe never spoke for effect. He said what he meant, I remember,quietly, thoughtfull...

Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood, hof verhoor

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Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood 2016 Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood, Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood. Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood, 61, Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood.

The Shaun Bailey photo really is a party exposé

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Since the weekend, I have been running in my revived 2020 standup show in impressively Covid-secure Scottish comedy clubs, filled with the forgiving laughter of the simply-glad-to-be-alive. On Sunday night I walked th...

Shaun Bailey verlaat die rol van die Londense vergadering ná verslae van die toesluitparty

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Shaun Bailey het bedank van 'n amptelike rol in die Londense vergadering nadat dit geblyk het dat hy 'n "woerige" partytjie bygewoon het te midde van die Covid-sluiting in Desember verlede jaar. Die konserwatiewe kandidaat vir die Londense burgemeester vroeg ....

Die fotograaf David Bailey onthul dat hy vaskulêre demensie het

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David Bailey het onthul dat hy demensie het, 'n lewensbeperkende toestand wat die Britse fotograaf as 'n verveling beskryf het. Met die Times gepraat, Bailey, 83, gesê: 'Ek het vaskulêre demensie. Ek is ongeveer drie jaar gediagnoseer ...

I am going to make the Bank of England better by improving racial diversity

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Tradition, geskiedenis, stability. I know from my visits around the country that these are the words many people associate with the Bank of England. It is true that the Bank’s heritage plays an important part in its succe...

Andrew Bailey cleared of misleading inquiry into LC&F-skandaal

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The governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has been cleared of misleading an inquiry into the London Capital & Finance investment scandal, but an influential committee of MPs has found that the regulator ...

F Lee Bailey obituary

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High-profile defence lawyers have often become celebrities in the US, starting with Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln and boasting ever more flamboyance since the days of Clarence Darrow. F Lee Bailey, who has died a...

F Lee Bailey, celebrity lawyer who defended OJ Simpson, sterf by 87

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F Lee Bailey, the celebrity attorney who defended OJ Simpson, Patricia Hearst and the alleged Boston Strangler, but whose legal career halted when he was disbarred in two states, [object Window], a former colleague said Thur...

Shaun Bailey criticised for ‘victim blaming’ girls in comments on domestic violence

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The Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has been criticised for past comments suggesting girls should “accept less of men’s rubbish” to avoid domestic violence, which Labour described as victim blaming. In the...

Publisher cancels Philip Roth biography after sexual abuse claims against Blake Bailey

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The publisher of a highly anticipated and widely discussed biography of Philip Roth is pulling the book and cutting ties with author Blake Bailey, who faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault. WW No...

Philip Roth and Blake Bailey were an all-too-perfect match

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A polite, regretful email from a stellar bookstore, Books and Books, informed me that a virtual event – the 28 April conversation I’d agreed to have with Blake Bailey about his new Philip Roth biography – had been can...

Philip Roth: The Biography by Blake Bailey review – definitive life of a literary great in thrall to his libido

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In response to that staple biographer’s question, “when were you happiest?”, Philip Roth tended to think of his first year as a graduate student at the University of Chicago, when he was free to pursue his persistent ...

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