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TV stasera: Richard Bacon leads an examination into cancel culture

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Richard Bacon – he of a memorable “cocaine scandal” – leads this examination of the rise in cancel culture. At a time when lives and reputations can be ruined in the blink of an eye, all at the whim of a keyboard war...

What did a big bacon sandwich teach me? The pandemic has massively weakened our willpower

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I lost my veg-inity on a hard hospital sofa earlier this year. It was quick and messy and sordidly satisfying. The situation was this: my pregnant wife had gone for a 39-week ultrasound and the doctors made the unexpe...

Francis Bacon estate implies artist’s friend created parts of Tate collection

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The Estate of Francis Bacon has launched an astonishing personal attack on Barry Joule, one of the artist’s friends, and the vast collection he donated to the Tate in 2004 – even implying that he created works himself...

Italy seizes 500 fake Francis Bacon works

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Italian authorities have seized 500 works of art suspected of being Francis Bacon counterfeits, along with cash and other valuables worth about €3m (£2.6m). Five people have been charged with criminal conspiracy to au...

The row between art galleries and donors is bigger than bringing home the Bacon

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With squeezed budgets, British museums are increasingly relying on private patronage, for financial support and donation of artworks. Yet while the former has faced close scrutiny in recent years, the latter have rece...

Tate donor warns: ‘I’ll take back my £20m Francis Bacon collection’

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When more than 1,200 sketches, photographs and documents from the studio of Francis Bacon were donated to the Tate in 2004, it was described as one of the most generous gifts the gallery had ever received, estimated t...

Bringing home the bacon: retaining character in a converted pigsty

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For a builder to have a penchant for Grandma’s 1950s dainty, flowery teacups is somewhat peculiar, but for New Zealander Martin Gane and his English wife, the interior designer Elle Kemp, seeking out the traditional h...