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LAPD to stop requesting civilians’ social security numbers after backlash

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The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has moved to end its practice of requesting the social security numbers of civilians officers question, after immigrants’ rights advocates raised concerns about potential viola...

Aukus pact: UK and US battle to contain international backlash

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Britain and the US are battling to contain an international backlash over a nuclear submarine pact struck with Australia amid concerns that the alliance could provoke China and prompt conflict in the Pacific. Boris Jo...

The Activist: reality TV show to be ‘reimagined’ as documentary after backlash

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A reality TV show that planned to pit activists against each other in an X-Factor style contest judged by celebrities is to be drastically “reimagined” after it sparked a backlash from campaigners. The Activist, which...

Republican backlash against Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate grows

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The political sparring match over Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate continued on Sunday with one Republican governor blasting the measure as “counterproductive” and the White House insisting it was necessary to end the ...

Johnson backs Dick staying as Met chief despite backlash

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Downing Street has come out in strong support of the embattled Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, after a backlash to the government’s decision to extend her time in office. The formal announcement to ex...

UK tourism boom sparks backlash against ‘Tripadvisor warriors’

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It was supposed to be the summer to rekindle the joy of the great British holiday, with demand for 2022 domestic breaks already rising. But hospitality staff in many tourist hotspots beg to differ, saying they have su...

Sinn Féin commemoration of IRA hunger striker provokes backlash

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Sinn Féin is facing a political backlash for commemorating a dead IRA hunger striker but failing to acknowledge the fate of a young mother who burned to death in one of his bombs. Politicians from other parties and co...

Thomas Bach praises ‘soul’ of Tokyo Olympics but faces swift backlash

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Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee president, has hailed athletes for giving “soul” to the Games and admitted he feared for the event after almost all spectators were barred. Egter, his claims that the...

The Republican backlash in Joe Biden’s America

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It might seem like a post-Trump world, but in red states across the US his most hardline supporters are setting the political agenda. How much power do they have to shape the country’s future, even with a Democrat in ...

Sajid Javid’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid provokes backlash

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Sajid Javid has provoked a wave of anger from families of the victims of Covid after he said people must no longer “cower” from the virus. The health secretary announced on Saturday that he had made a “full recovery” ...

Cancel culture claimed Chrissy Teigen. Is this a pandemic backlash against celebrity?

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If you live by the sword you tend to die by the sword. The same is true of social media – just ask Chrissy Teigen. Over the past decade, the model and cookbook author has risen to dizzying levels of fame by virtue of ...

Stoot of neutekraker? Hoe dit ook al sy, die premier, teen die terugslag van die entstofpaspoort

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Wat as 'vryheidsdag' bestempel is, het geëindig met beskuldigings dat die regering presies die teendeel gebaan het, terwyl Boris Johnson steun vir die terugslag van sy planne om entstofpaspoorte in 'n mat in te voer..

Tennessee to halt vaccine outreach to teens amid conservative backlash – report

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The Tennessee department of health will reportedly halt all vaccine outreach to teenagers amid a conservative backlash against Covid-19 vaccines for adolescents. The department’s new guidance, announced in reports and...

Australia Covid news live: NSW expecting more than 100 coronavirus cases; government ads spark backlash

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Sydney on high alert as Delta variant outbreak continues to spread. Follow the latest updates, live

Manchester University sparks backlash with plan to keep lectures online

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The University of Manchester is facing a mounting backlash from students after becoming the first to unveil plans to keep its lectures permanently online with no reduction in tuition fees. Meer as 3,000 students hav...

Russian supermarket faces backlash after pulling lesbian couple advert

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An upmarket Russian supermarket chain has issued a public apology after it posted an advert featuring a lesbian couple who shopped at its store. VkusVill’s decision to pull the ad has provoked an angry backlash from M...

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