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‘The strongman blinks’: why Narendra Modi has backed down to farmers

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“The strongman finally blinks,” was how one commentator put it. On Friday morning, India woke to a surprise announcement by the prime minister, Narendra Modi, that he was repealing the farm laws, which have been at th...

Mohamed Salah’s status at Liverpool backed up by spectacular numbers

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Jürgen Klopp had two things in common with Atlético Madrid’s players in the eighth minute of Tuesday’s enthralling Champions League tie at Wanda Metropolitano. Eerste, he didn’t sense the danger when Andy Robertson’s c...

UK backed plan to charge non-EU travellers to enter Europe

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The British government was one of the “biggest supporters” of EU plans to require non-EU nationals to obtain authorisation and pay a fee to enter the bloc’s passport-free travel zone, het die voog verneem. David C...

UK monitoring sale of military supplier Ultra to firm backed by US equity

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The UK government has signalled that it is monitoring the sale of a key military supplier to a firm backed by US private equity amid concerns over the potential impact on national security. Die sakesekretaris, Kw...

Aandeelhouers van die firma wat deur Matt Hancock gesteun word, het aan die Tories geskenk

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Matt Hancock het 'n gesondheidsorgonderneming bevorder waarvan die aandeelhouers skenkings aan die gesondheidsekretaris en die konserwatiewe party gemaak het, die Guardian kan onthul. Die onthullings oor beleggers in Babylon Healthcare,...

‘We backed genocidal killers for too long’: Macron begs forgiveness on Africa tour

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With the golden winter sun slanting across the palm trees and yellow sandstone, the scene was perfect. Emmanuel Macron and his host, Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, walked down the red carpet of the Union buildings i...

Oggendpos: mass vaccination hub empty, gas plant backed, Australian artists on NFTs

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Goeie more! What is it going to take to get Australians to roll up their sleeves and get a Covid jab? A firm date for reopening international borders might do the trick, as there finally appears to be plenty of the ...

Katie Hill: Matt Gaetz backed me but he must quit if nude-photo reports are true

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The Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz insisted on Monday he would not resign, amid a scandal over alleged sex trafficking. Op dieselfde tyd, the former Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned amid a...