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Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW bevestig 11 sterftes, 1,043 gevalle; Victoria teken een sterfte aan, 733 gevalle; Die polisie wag op die vyfde dag van betogings in Melbourne

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Internasionale studente kan teen NSW terugkeer 2022; Die polisie staan ​​by vir nog betogings in Melbourne; meer as die helfte van die ouer as 16 jaar oud is nou ingeënt; Victoriane het aangemoedig om nie onwettig op die laaste laaste dag bymekaar te kom nie, soos die staat gesê het..

Superliga-uitspeelwedstryde: Catalans en St Helens 'n sny bo, maar slaggate wag

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Na 'n onvoorspelbare Super League-seisoen, besaai met Covid-verwante probleme en 'n hele aantal- en drama buite die veld, daar is miskien 'n sekere ironie dat die pad na die groot eindstryd van volgende maand op Old Trafford verskyn..

Afghan musicians silently await their fate as Taliban’s ban looms

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The shutters have been down all along Kharabat Street, the storied heart of Afghan musical life, since the Taliban swept into Kabul in mid-August. Musicians have taken their instruments home, or crammed them into stor...

Tim Dowling: the cat has gone to the vet. I sit and await good news

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I am sitting in the kitchen, looking up tomato blight on my phone. My tomatoes are displaying all the symptoms. I have about half of them. “Wilted stems,” I say. “Tick.” My wife comes in from the garden. “There’s som...

Paris attack survivors await start of France’s biggest ever criminal trial

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Deep inside Paris’s historic law courts on the bank of the River Seine, builders were putting the finishing touches to an extraordinary architectural structure described as a cross between a high-security bunker and m...

A-level results day 2021 live: hundreds of thousands await teacher-assessed grades

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Results based on new system after grading fiasco in 2020 saw thousands of students have their results downgraded

Wounded animal India await England side hurt by loss of Stokes and Woakes

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Tom Harrison admitted recently he had given up trying to guess the next bombshell to hit English cricket and it is fair to say the withdrawal of Ben Stokes from the marquee series of the summer – five Tests against th...

‘It’s going to come as a big shock’: UFO experts await Pentagon report

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Byna 75 years after Roswell, the possibility that we are not alone in the universe is once again the talk of mainstream politics. The impending release of a Pentagon report on the activities of the Advanced Aerospac...

Nerves in the Commons as MPs await Boundary Commission report

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Some time before midday on Monday, quite a lot of English MPs will start getting distinctly twitchy. It is then that they will first see the results of a major redrawing of parliamentary boundaries, with a number of s...

George Floyd killing: protests flare as Americans await verdict in Chauvin trial

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Protests against police killings flared across the US this weekend, from Minneapolis to Chicago to Portland, as Americans wait for a verdict in the trial of the white police officer charged with murdering George Floyd...

Death row inmates await Biden’s promise to end federal executions

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Through notes passed under cell doors with string and conversations whispered through air ducts, death row prisoners in Indiana are debating whether Joe Biden will fulfill his campaign promise to halt federal executio...

Oil prices climb to 14-month high as markets await US jobs report – business live

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German industrial orders surge, as non-farm payrolls is expected to show an 182,000 increase in US jobs