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Tuesday briefing: ‘Worst of climate change is still avoidable’

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Goeie more. Warren Murray bringing you news that needs knowing if we are to stand a chance. “If ever there was going to be a wake-up call to the world when it comes to climate change, this report is it. But the fut...

The looming famine in Tigray is an avoidable catastrophe

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It is hard to believe it’s happening again, even harder to believe that so few people seem to know or care. A massive famine is unfolding in Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Five million people are in need of food aid, 'n ...

US Covid deaths hit 600,000 as ex-Biden adviser says high toll was avoidable

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The US death toll in the coronavirus pandemic passed 600,000 on Tuesday. As it did so, a former White House Covid adviser, Andy Slavitt, was under fire from the right for saying Americans could have avoided such sever...

NHS trust pleads guilty after ‘wholly avoidable’ death of week-old baby

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An NHS trust has pleaded guilty to failing to provide safe care and treatment after the death of a baby boy. Representatives for East Kent hospitals university NHS foundation trust were in court on Monday after the de...

‘This was avoidable’: families bereaved in second wave join calls for Covid inquiry

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It was a club that didn’t really want any new members. When the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group first asked the prime minister to launch a public inquiry into the UK’s pandemic response last June, 450 gri...