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‘The US has a long reach’: a legal expert on how Succession’s Logan Roy could avoid extradition

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Succession returned on Sunday night with more of what we’ve come to expect: affectionate swearing, major business decisions being dictated by complex psychosexual dynamics and millionaires treating private helicopters...

Top EU official calls for crackdown on shell firms used to avoid tax

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The EU must respond to the revelations in the Pandora papers with a fresh clampdown on the use of shell companies by tax avoiders to ensure the costs of the Covid recovery are fairly shared, the bloc’s commissioner fo...

The US must avoid war with China over Taiwan at all costs

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Since last Friday, the People’s Republic of China has launched a total of 155 warplanes – the most ever over four consecutive days – into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone; Ned Price said the state department w...

Demand for private jets soars as rich travellers try to avoid ‘mosh pit’

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Private jet providers are experiencing “unprecedented demand” from wealthy customers seeking to avoid the “mosh pit” of commercial flights on autumn getaways as coronavirus travel restrictions ease. Flexjet and Privat...

The ultimate shutdown: what if we could avoid climate crisis by sleeping for a year?

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In the opening scenes of Hibernation, a minister from Australia’s ruling conservative party updates the parliament of 2030 on the unfolding climate crisis. Regional Australia is riddled with ghost towns, whole nations...

British Sea Power change name to avoid ‘antagonistic nationalism’ connotations

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The UK band British Sea Power have changed their name to Sea Power, to avoid connotations with “isolationist, antagonistic nationalism”. In a statement on their website, they say the original name was borne of “the el...

Naeher the hero as USWNT avoid Olympic shootout heartbreak against Netherlands

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Megan Rapinoe converted the deciding penalty in a shootout and the United States advanced to the semi-finals of the women’s Olympic soccer tournament 4-2 following a 2-2 draw with the Netherlands on Friday. US goalkee...

New device could help visually impaired avoid obstacles, navorsing dui daarop

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Vibrating wristbands could help visually impaired people to avoid collisions when out and about, a study indicates. According to the NHS, oor 360,000 people in the UK alone are registered as blind or partially sight...

John Kerry: world leaders must step up to avoid worst impacts of climate crisis

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The world still has a chance of staving off the worst impacts of climate breakdown but only if governments step up in the next few months with stronger commitments on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the US envoy for...

More clarity in return to work guidance would help firms avoid liability

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A combination of “mixed messages” and “rather obvious statements” was the Institute of Directors’ summary of the government’s return to work guidance for businesses. You can see what it means. Statements do not come m...

Scientist Prue Hart: ‘Sunburn causes havoc in the skin – we should avoid it’

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Prof Prue Hart is head of the inflammation research group at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Australië, which studies the beneficial effects of sunlight exposure on our health and whether these are the result of...

UK Covid live nuus: ‘no sign’ people are deleting NHS Covid app to avoid isolating, sê minister

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Nuutste opdaterings: Grant Shapps says ‘lots of people are still downloading app’ as government pledges to ‘tweak’ app’s sensitivity

Dogged Canadiens take Game 4 from Tampa Bay to avoid Stanley Cup sweep

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Josh Anderson jumped back into the play, and the Montreal Canadiens killed Tampa Bay’s chance for a Stanley Cup final sweep. Anderson scored his second goal 3:57 into overtime, and the Canadiens avoided elimination by...

Greece accused of refugee ‘pushback’ after family avoid being forced off island

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Aan 26 April Dimitris Choulis, an immigration lawyer based on the Greek island of Samos, opened his office door to find a family of four on his doorstep. Aisha*, 31, and her three children, all from Palestine. “She sai...

One third of convicted child abusers across England and Wales avoid prison

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Ministers are facing demands to explain why thousands of convicted sexual offenders across England and Wales have avoided prison. An Observer investigation found that adults convicted of sexually assaulting children u...

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