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Tickets for England’s quarter-final in Rome available soon, says FA

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The Football Association has said tickets for England’s Euro 2020 quarter-final against Ukraine in Rome on Saturday will soon be made available, as Italian officials warned fans travelling from the UK to respect quara...

Dominic Raab’s mobile number freely available online for last decade

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The private mobile number of Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary, has been online for at least 11 años, raising questions for the security services weeks after the prime minister’s number was also revealed to be a...

10 UK self-catering places to stay still available for the half-term holiday

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Alrewas is the kind of village where roses grow over whitewashed walls and candlelit pubs serve good old-fashioned pints. This half-timbered cottage, just steps from the canal, has a patio with wrought-iron chairs. Th ...

Did Boris Johnson’s easily available phone number pose security risk?

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Just how much of a security risk is it for a world leader’s current mobile number to have been sitting online, public but apparently unnoticed, durante años? The revelations about Boris Johnson’s phone prompted warnings ...

France to ban some domestic flights where train available

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French MPs have voted to suspend domestic airline flights that can be made by direct train in less than two and a half hours, as part of a series of climate and environmental measures. After a heated debate in the Ass...

Native American communities make vaccines available for all Oklahoma residents

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As Covid-19 infection rates tick up again in several states, indigenous communities in Oklahoma are reporting a different problem: not enough people to vaccinate. A principios de este mes, several Native American communitie...

Free rapid coronavirus tests available for all businesses in England

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All businesses in England are now able to sign up to receive free rapid coronavirus tests under the government’s workplace testing programme. From Saturday, businesses of all sizes, including those with fewer than 50 ...

Free rapid Covid tests available for all businesses in England; Tibetan leader Dalai Lama gets vaccine shot

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Contradictory death figures in Russia; WHO warns against relaxing guard due to vaccines