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TV presenter Melanie Sykes announces ‘life-affirming’ autism diagnosis

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The TV presenter Melanie Sykes has announced she has been diagnosed as autistic at the age of 51. In an email to readers of her magazine the Frank, Sykes opened up about the “life-changing” diagnosis and her relief th...

‘Without what made me “me”, I’d be a shadow of myself’ – portraits of life on the autism spectrum

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I have been immersed in the world of autism since my son was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Graham had many of the traits of autism from when he was a baby: speech and motor skill delays, sensory sensitivities, anx...

Autism therapy aimed at infants may reduce likelihood of later diagnosis

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Doctors have shown for the first time that a new therapy aimed at infants can reduce autistic behaviour and the likelihood the children will go on to be diagnosed with autism before they reach school age. Infants who ...

Here We Are review – superb performances and insight in Israeli autism drama

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Moving but unsentimental, this Israeli drama is a perfect example of how a cinematic story becomes paradoxically more universal by being very specific about people and places. It explores an intense relationship betwe...

‘We don’t need to be cured or fixed’: writers speak out on autism

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For Sara Gibbs, her diagnosis of autism at the age of 30 was like the final scene of the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense when Bruce Willis realises he is a ghost. “It was a revelation. Once I understood what autism was, th...

I’ve been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Do I tell my manager? My children? My partner?

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I have recently been diagnosed as having high-functioning ASD, what used to be called Asperger’s. It is helpful, as I approach 60, to understand why relationships, social situations and oral communications are so chal...

The Reason I Jump review – an empathic study of nonverbal autism

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Here is a documentary with something to tell us and something to teach us. It’s inspired by the 2007 book of the same name by the Japanese teenager Naoki Higashida, who has nonverbal autism: explaining why he behaves ...

Enough ‘autism awareness’. The necessity now is action

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A film comes out this month that is among the most profound, thought-provoking and moving feats of documentary-making I have ever seen. It is about autism, and a state of being that far too many people either misunder...

The Guardian view on autism awareness: recognising diverse talents – and needs

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“You’re underwater and you are responsible for 100 people, and a nuclear reactor, and you’re operating in an environment that is fundamentally hard,” Britain’s second sea lord said recently, discussing his former role...