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Australia’s biggest industry group calls on Morrison government to halve emissions by 2030

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Australia’s biggest industry association has called on the Morrison government to set a target of cutting the country’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 to join the global “mainstream” on the climate crisis. I...

Vallas publicitarias "subversivas" del comediante que atacan la política climática de Australia se exhibirán en Times Square de Nueva York

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La valla publicitaria más grande de Times Square se mostrará esta semana para 10 Actas de mensajes satíricos "subversivos" que critican a Australia por su inacción ante la crisis climática.. La campaña es una creación de la empresa australiana..

Under the table: Australia’s dazzlingly diverse home cooking underground

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During the Sydney lockdown I ordered from a different home cook every Friday night, for me and my neighbours. I discovered each cook from community groups or social media pages for migrant communities in Sydney – east...

Fox News host Tucker Carlson rails against Australia’s ‘horrifying’ Covid restrictions

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has condemned Australia’s response to Covid as a “horrifying” attack on civil liberties which betrays the country’s reputation for “rugged individualism”. “To see your media, and most of y...

Impulsan los incendios forestales del "verano negro" en Australia 11 especies de abejas más cercanas a la extinción

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Los devastadores incendios forestales de 2019-2020 tuvieron un impacto significativo en las abejas nativas de Australia, amenazante 11 especies, según una nueva investigación. Los científicos australianos han analizado el efecto de los incendios en 553 Australiana na ...

Australia’s move to share defence technology with US fans concerns over weapons’ ultimate use

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Fears about Australian military technology ending up in the wrong hands have been reignited by moves to share more defence technology with the United States. Australia is aiming to become a top 10 exporter of defence ...

Australia’s strong Covid vaccine uptake will wane in coming months due to hesitancy, expert warns

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Australians must be prepared to see the Covid vaccination uptake curve start to flatten in coming months, a leading vaccine communication expert has warned, due to the rate of hesitancy. But she is calling for health ...

Federal minister admits Australia’s reopening plan ‘could change’ as Covid continues to strain hospitals

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A Morrison government minister has left the door open to changing the national reopening plan amid growing concerns about the health system’s capacity to cope with increasing Covid-19 case numbers. “Goodness, anything...

Maddie Groves takes aim at Swimming Australia’s Kieren Perkins over denial of cultural problems

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Maddie Groves has accused Swimming Australia’s president Kieren Perkins of a “shocking” and “irresponsible” denial of cultural problems in the sport following comments made by Perkins in August this year. Groves withd...

Los desafíos de la vacuna Covid de Australia se han "superado", Scott Morrison dice

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El primer ministro, Scott Morrison, ha declarado que el gobierno ha “superado” los desafíos del programa nacional de vacunas, a pesar de que los estados claman por más suministros de vacunas de ARNm para frenar el brote de Delta te ...

High Covid case numbers should not delay Australia’s reopening, PM says

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Hundreds of active Covid cases in the community should not delay Australia’s plan to reopen and end widespread lockdowns, Scott Morrison dice, urging people to look beyond a “one-eyed focus” on daily case numbers. Como ...

The Tampa affair, 20 años después: the ship that capsized Australia’s refugee policy

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Even to Abbas Nazari’s disoriented seven-year-old mind, the faint “upside-down triangle” on the horizon represented one thing: salvation. Weakened by dehydration and illness, battered by the terrifying storm that had ...

Going to e-waste: Australia’s recycling failures and the challenge of solar

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The first time Dr Pablo Diaz set foot in an Australian recycling facility to see how the nation’s e-waste was processed he was struck by disappointment. Until that moment the now 31-year-old had romanticised Australia...

World Cup selection fails to solve Australia’s historical T20 problem

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We all know that players get better when they’re out of the team. Por lo menos, they get better in the mind’s eye. Especially in sports like cricket or baseball, where statistically players fail more than they succeed, th ...

Australia’s Pfizer purchase from vaccine-sharing Covax stockpile under fire

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Australia’s purchase of 500,000 Pfizer doses from the global vaccine-sharing Covax initiative has renewed debate about whether more Covid-19 vaccines should be reserved for developing countries. On Tuesday Labor and t...

Keith Pitt on Australia’s energy ambitionsAustralian politics podcast

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Katharine Murphy speaks with the federal resources minister, Keith Pitt, about the government’s gas-fired recovery plan, the export of energy resources and Australia’s record on climate action ...

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