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Can I use my Australian property to increase the money available for a UK deposit?

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Q I own properties in Australia. That in itself is complicated as they are owned jointly with my brother but once I can visit Australia after the pandemic, our plan is to end up with one each. The likelihood is that I...

‘We will teach the British how to survive’: Indigenous Australian culture hits the UK

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Margo Neale is feeling proud. “Here we are," ella dice, “250 years after the British set out to colonise and civilise us, taking our culture to the British – to teach them how to survive in this fragmenting world.” Nea...

Keen spirit: Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover

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The naked Nirvana baby has been recreated yet again – this time on the unsuspecting streets of Adelaide. Pete Stokes rode about 150km on a single-speed bike to sketch the outline of the famous Nevermind cover. His eff...

‘It breaks my heart’: Australian parents say mental health strain on their children is worsening

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After finishing her final year of high school in 2019, Amy’s* daughter had dreams of leaving Geelong, in Victoria, to travel to the UK for a working holiday using money saved from her waitressing job. Then the pandem...

I saw betting’s toxic sludge swamp Australian sport. Now it’s coming for America

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En julio, a friend from the old country (Australia) visited New York, where I live, and messaged me to see whether I’d be up for a drink. The European football championship had just entered its knockout stages; once we...

Australian Olympic gold medallist Madi Wilson admitted to hospital with Covid

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Australian Olympic swimming gold medallist Madi Wilson says she feels “extremely unlucky” after being admitted to hospital in Europe with Covid-19. Less than two months after standing atop the podium with the 4x100m w...

El médico 'sesga' detrás de las mujeres que reciben un peor tratamiento por ataques cardíacos, Hallazgos de un estudio australiano

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Las mujeres reciben peor tratamiento médico que los hombres por ataques cardíacos comunes, según una nueva investigación. Un estudio realizado por investigadores de Sydney ha descubierto que las mujeres a las que se les ha diagnosticado un tipo común de ataque cardíaco o la afección no ....

Australian foreign minister was told to close embassy before May visit to Kabul, documents reveal

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Defence and intelligence chiefs warned the Australian government multiple times in April the situation in Afghanistan could become dangerous enough to force the closure of the embassy, ha sido revelado. The Depart...

From the Gobbledok to Not Happy Jan: how well do you remember classic Australian ads?

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It is a scientific fact that if you play Gheorghe Zamfir’s pan flute theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock around any Australian of a certain age, they will probably ask if you, también, can smell Nescafe Blend 43 before they...

Ivermectin: Australian regulator bans drug as Covid treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions

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Australia’s drug regulator has banned medical practitioners from prescribing the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin for “off-label” uses, such as for treating Covid-19. The move comes after prescriptions for the drug incr...

Las leyendas de la música australiana unen fuerzas para instar a la nación a vacunarse

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Docenas de los nombres más importantes de la industria musical australiana se han unido para una campaña publicitaria a favor de la vacunación lanzada el lunes.. Tim Minchin, Jimmy Barnes, Amy Shark, Paul Kelly y los Hilltop Hoods son ....

Victoria se convertirá en el primer estado australiano en prohibir la exhibición pública de símbolos nazis

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Victoria se convertirá en el primer estado o territorio australiano en prohibir la exhibición pública de símbolos nazis. Las leyes propuestas, se espera que sea presentado al parlamento estatal en la primera mitad de 2022 with bipartisan suppor...

Australia Covid noticias en directo: La Asociación Médica Australiana dice que los hospitales no están listos para reabrir

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AMA escribe al primer ministro, Los primeros ministros y los primeros ministros de estado dicen que los hospitales "están en peligro de quedar atrapados en un ciclo permanente de crisis". Siga las últimas actualizaciones.

Las autoridades sanitarias australianas advierten contra la mezcla de tipos de vacunas Covid

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La evidencia es más sólida para recibir dos dosis de la misma vacuna Covid-19, en lugar de mezclar diferentes tipos, Las autoridades médicas han dicho en medio de preocupaciones que algunas personas podrían cancelar su segundo AstraZene..

Australian imports of ivermectin increase 10-fold, prompting warning from TGA

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A national shortage and 10-fold increase in Australians importing ivermectin in August has sparked a warning from the Therapeutic Goods Administration against the use of the medicine, which is typically used to deworm...

Australian engineer Robert Pether sentenced to five years in Iraqi prison after dispute with central bank

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The family of Australian engineer Robert Pether say they are “living in hell” after he was sentenced to five years in an Iraqi jail and fined $USD12m over a protracted business dispute between his employer and the cou...

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