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I saw betting’s toxic sludge swamp Australian sport. Now it’s coming for America

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In July, a friend from the old country (Australië) visited New York, where I live, and messaged me to see whether I’d be up for a drink. The European football championship had just entered its knockout stages; once we...

Australian Olympic gold medallist Madi Wilson admitted to hospital with Covid

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Australian Olympic swimming gold medallist Madi Wilson says she feels “extremely unlucky” after being admitted to hospital in Europe with Covid-19. Less than two months after standing atop the podium with the 4x100m w...

Doctor ‘bias’ behind women getting worse treatment for heart attacks, Australian study finds

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Women receive worse medical treatment than men for common heart attacks, according to new research. A study by Sydney researchers has found that women diagnosed with a common type of heart attack or the condition unst...

Australian foreign minister was told to close embassy before May visit to Kabul, documents reveal

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Defence and intelligence chiefs warned the Australian government multiple times in April the situation in Afghanistan could become dangerous enough to force the closure of the embassy, it has been revealed. The Depart...

From the Gobbledok to Not Happy Jan: how well do you remember classic Australian ads?

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It is a scientific fact that if you play Gheorghe Zamfir’s pan flute theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock around any Australian of a certain age, they will probably ask if you, ook, can smell Nescafe Blend 43 before they...

Ivermectin: Australian regulator bans drug as Covid treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions

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Australia’s drug regulator has banned medical practitioners from prescribing the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin for “off-label” uses, such as for treating Covid-19. The move comes after prescriptions for the drug incr...

Australian music legends join forces to urge the nation to get vaccinated

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Dozens of the biggest names in the Australian music industry have joined forces for a pro-vaccination advertising campaign launched on Monday. Tim Minchin, Jimmy Barnes, Amy Shark, Paul Kelly and the Hilltop Hoods are...

Victoria to become first Australian state to ban public display of Nazi symbols

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Victoria will become the first Australian state or territory to ban the public display of Nazi symbols. The proposed laws, expected to be introduced to state parliament in the first half of 2022 with bipartisan suppor...

Australia Covid live news: Australian Medical Association says hospitals are not ready for reopening

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AMA writes to the prime minister, state premiers and chief ministers saying hospitals ‘are in danger of being locked into a permanent cycle of crisis’ – follow latest updates

Australian health authorities warn against mixing Covid vaccine types

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The evidence is strongest for receiving two doses of the same Covid-19 vaccine, rather than mixing different types, medical authorities have said amid concerns that some people may be cancelling their second AstraZene...

Australian imports of ivermectin increase 10-fold, prompting warning from TGA

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A national shortage and 10-fold increase in Australians importing ivermectin in August has sparked a warning from the Therapeutic Goods Administration against the use of the medicine, which is typically used to deworm...

Australian engineer Robert Pether sentenced to five years in Iraqi prison after dispute with central bank

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The family of Australian engineer Robert Pether say they are “living in hell” after he was sentenced to five years in an Iraqi jail and fined $USD12m over a protracted business dispute between his employer and the cou...

Australian bird of the year 2021: a look at some of the early contenders

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Budding birders are flocking to nominate their favourite feathered friends for Guardian/BirdLife Australia’s 2021 Bird of the Year. “I find this groundswell and outpouring of love for our birds really heartwarming,” s...

A love heart made out of sheep: Australian farmer pays tribute to his aunt

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A sheep farmer stuck in lockdown in New South Wales who was unable to attend his aunt’s funeral has honoured her memory with the ultimate tribute: a love heart made from sheep. Ben Jackson from Guyra couldn’t make it ...

Australian politics live update: young children to be prioritised in NSW school plan, Victoria opens Pfizer bookings to under-40s

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Concern some children falling behind in Covid lockdowns, as Gladys Berejiklian finalises plans for ‘at least one freedom’ for vaccinated residents. Follow all today’s news

Tributes paid to Australian darts player Kyle Anderson after his death aged 33

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The Australian darts player Kyle Anderson has died at the age of 33, the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) has confirmed. Anderson played in seven PDC world championships after making his debut in the 2012-13 event...

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