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How the climate crisis upturned Australian politics – podcast

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The rightwing coalition that has run Australia for most of the past decade has been ejected from power by voters sick of its inaction on the climate crisis, says Lenore Taylor ...

Australian hospitals postpone screening tests as world grapples with shortage of imaging dyes

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Public hospitals in Australia are postponing non-urgent screening tests and are recommending doctors consider alternative imaging options as the health system grapples with a global shortage of medical imaging dyes, w ...

Refugee children handed anti-‘illegal migration’ playing cards, Australian charity says

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Playing cards adorned with the Australian government’s Zero Chance campaign against “illegal migration” were distributed to refugee children in Indonesia by people trespassing on school grounds, the charity running th...

World leaders respond to Anthony Albanese’s Australian election victory

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World leaders have congratulated Anthony Albanese on his election victory in Australia, while former heads of government in the Pacific have urged him to “make a radical shift towards strong and urgent climate action”...

Australian election 2022: Anthony Albanese ‘humbled’ to be next PM as voters abandon Coalition

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Anthony Albanese will be Australia’s next prime minister, leaving the Coalition in disarray after it lost more than a dozen seats to Labor and independents in an election that has transformed the country’s political l...

Dugong sien rooi: Vark die see koei voorspel Arbeid sal Australiese verkiesing wen (soortvan)

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Vark het uit die diepte gekom, 'n stadig bewegende massa op soek na 'n antwoord op die vraag wat die gedagtes van die nasie arresteer: wat as oorwinnaars uit die federale verkiesing sal tree? Die dugong se vertoning was presies en assu ...

Australian election: voters to go to polls in battle of ‘bulldozer’ and ‘builder’

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Australians head to the polls on Saturday with the opposition Labor party, led by Anthony Albanese, hoping to end nine years of conservative rule. The Liberal-National coalition government, headed by Scott Morrison, g...

Australian eSafety office tells websites to remove Buffalo attack video but does not block access

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The Australian office of the eSafety Commissioner has issued eight notices to websites hosting the Buffalo terrorist attack video or manifesto, but has not blocked any from being accessed in Australia. Op Saterdag, 'n ...

What party is ScoMo in? What is a corflute? Who should I vote for and who will win? The top Google searches of the Australian election

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With just over a week until polling day in the federal election, people are still searching Google for the answer to questions such as “which party is ScoMo in?” and “who should I vote for?”. In week five of the campa...

Liberal MP Fiona Martin denies mixing up Asian Australian candidates in debate with Sally Sitou

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Labor’s candidate for Reid is demanding an apology from Liberal MP Fiona Martin, claiming she has either confused her with another Asian Australian political aspirant or misled voters. In a debate between Martin and h...

'Geen, not Bluey’: report hit show could be cancelled ‘completely untrue’, Australian producers say

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The producers of the animated hit show Bluey have been forced to deny a report that suggested the show could be cancelled after an outcry from devastated fans around the world. “EXCLUSIVE: 'Geen, not Bluey!’ Insiders cl...

The Kid Laroi, Genesis Owusu and the Wiggles dominate Australian music awards

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The Kid Laroi was the big winner at the Australian Performing Rights Association (Apras) awards on Tuesday night, taking home three awards – including the top gong in the song of the year category for his collaboratio...

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