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Lismore braces for more flooding amid storm warnings for south-west Western Australia

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Lismore residents are being warned they could be hit with more floods as rain continues in northern New South Wales. The region has already endured repeated severe flooding in recent months and the Bureau of Meteorolo...

Clive Palmer’s massive advertising spend fails to translate into election success for United Australia party

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Clive Palmer’s mammoth campaign spend of close to $100m has failed to deliver his party results, with its primary vote failing to reach 5% across the country. In both regional and metropolitan areas, the United Austra...

Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade

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Australia’s rightwing Coalition government has lost power after nearly a decade in office, with Saturday’s election showing a sharp shift to progressive parties that will result in a Labor government under Anthony Alb...

Guardian Australia readers: who do you think is going to win the federal election?

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With the polls tightening in the final days of the campaign, Saturday’s election is expected to be a close match. Labor is desperately hoping the widespread anti-Morrison sentiment will be enough to deliver victory an...

United Australia Party may have more backing than polls suggest, with voters too embarrassed to voice support, analysis shows

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Clive Palmer’s United Australia party is burning through its projected $70m election advertising spend, including hour-long television commercials, as a data analyst warns the fringe party could have more backing than...

United Australia party and Coalition MPs denounced for ‘totally misleading’ claim about WHO

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Experts have denounced a “totally misleading” claim perpetuated by government MPs and the United Australia party that the World Health Organization will use a possible pandemic treaty to control Australia’s health sys...

Deadly floods follow week of torrential rain in eastern Australia

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Torrential rain has been hitting eastern Australia since Monday, with rainfall totals on the north-east coast widely achieving in excess of 100mm. In Yabulu, north of Townsville, there was major flooding on Tuesday as...

Australia confirmed as host of men’s 2027 and women’s 2029 rugby world cups

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Australia will host the men’s 2027 and women’s 2029 Rugby World Cups in a game changer for the cash-strapped code Down Under. The World Rugby Council formally granted Australia staging rights for the two global showpi...

Australia set to target Eddie Jones for role at 2027 home World Cup

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Australia are expected to be confirmed as the host nation of the 2027 Rugby World Cup on Thursday and could target Eddie Jones to help their bid for success on home soil. World Rugby’s council will meet in Dublin to c...

Flooding fears as La Niña brings heavy rain to north-east Australia

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It has already been a very wet autumn in eastern Australia. Now further heavy rain will bring the potential for flooding in the north-east of the country over the next few days. La Niña has been the main driver behind...

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