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Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: riot police in Melbourne as protesters head to parliament; NSW records 1,022 gevalle, 10 sterftes; Victoria records 603 gevalle, one death

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NSW cases back over 1,000 as kids allowed to meet in friend bubbles for school holidays; Tweed, Byron Bay and Kempsey LGAs to lockdown from 5pm; Qld records no new local cases; Victoria’s highest number of cases for t...

Australia Covid news live update: NSW records 935 gevalle, four deaths; Victoria records 567 gevalle, one death; 7 cases in ACT, at least one in NT

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NSW case numbers in the triple digits; one new Covid case in Qld, and at least one in NT; Labor will refer Christian Porter to privileges committee; Victoria records 567 cases and one death; French ambassador criticis...

‘We felt fooled’: France still furious after Australia scraps $90bn submarine deal

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French anger at the Morrison government’s decision to scrap its $90bn submarine program with France continues to boil over, with the country’s recalled ambassador saying it felt “fooled” by the announcement. Jean-Pier...

Australia Covid live news: Dan Andrews to give Victoria roadmap update; NSW reports 1,083 gevalle, 13 sterftes; restrictions to ease in western Sydney

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NSW records 1,083 cases and 13 sterftes; ACT records 17 nuwe sake; Victoria records 507 new cases and one death; Gladys Berejiklian announces restrictions to ease in western Sydney LGAs ‘of concern’ and NSW pools to reo...

Australia ‘regrets’ France’s recall of ambassador as Aukus fallout predicted to last years

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Australia has said it “notes with regret” France’s extraordinary decision to recall its ambassador over the scrapping of a submarine contract – part of the Aukus military deal that experts said could damage relations ...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW reports 1,331 cases and six deaths; Victoria records 535 cases and one death as police move to block protests; ACT has 15 nuwe sake

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One new case in Queensland as Melbourne CBD turned into no-go zone and police prepare to disrupt protest planned in Sydney

The nuclear option: why has Australia ditched the French submarine plan for the Aukus pact?

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Just two weeks before France complained of being “stabbed in the back”, two senior French ministers met with their Australian counterparts, Marise Payne and Peter Dutton, for what was meant to be a sign of ever-streng...

New Doherty modelling advises ‘medium’ Covid restrictions until Australia reaches 80% vaccination

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New Doherty Institute modelling presented to national cabinet warns that maintaining “medium” public health and social measures would be “prudent” until Australia reaches 80% vaccination if caseloads are high – with “...

Australia considered buying nuclear submarines from France before ditching deal, Peter Dutton says

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Australia considered buying nuclear-powered submarines from France, which could have saved money and avoided France’s rage at the existing $90bn project being scrapped. This week the federal government announced its d...

New Zealand extends Australia travel bubble pause as Covid cases drop to 11

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New Zealand will delay the reopening of its trans-Tasman travel bubble, as case numbers in Australia rise and numbers in New Zealand continue to drop. Deputy prime minister Grant Robertson confirmed on Friday that whi...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW announces home quarantine trial as 1,284 gevalle, 12 deaths recorded; Victoria berig 510 gevalle, one death

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Gladys Berejiklian announces NSW home quarantine trial as two people in their 20s die from Covid; Victoria records second-worst day of outbreak; ACT reaches 80% first dose milestone as 30 new cases recorded; one new C...

‘Stab in the back’: France accuses US of sinking Australia submarine deal – video

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France has expressed fury over Australia’s surprise decision to scrap a huge submarine deal in favour of nuclear-powered subs from the US, describing it as a 'stab in the back' from Canberra and a strain on its friend...

‘Stab in the back’: French fury as Australia scraps submarine deal

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France has expressed fury over Australia’s surprise decision to scrap a huge submarine deal in favour of nuclear-powered subs from the US, describing it as a “stab in the back” from Canberra and a strain on its friend...

Diplomacy dialled up to 11: Australia saddles up with US as Indo-Pacific heads for cold war

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Ever flexible, ever the pragmatist, Scott Morrison started thinking about his new “forever partnership” with the United States and Britain 18 months ago while Australia was still tied to a $90bn contract with France t...

Australia news live update: Scott Morrison speaks on Aukus submarine deal; 70% first-dose milestone reached; NSW records 1,351 Covid cases, Victoria 514

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Paul Keating slams submarine deal, warning of US-China tensions; Australian nuclear-powered submarines will be banned from entering NZ waters; Victoria records 514 new local Covid cases – follow all today’s news and C...

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