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The fight to oust Louis DeJoy and his ‘disastrous’ austerity plan

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The US postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has drawn criticism over changes made to the US Postal Service since Donald Trump appointed him in May 2020, which have included delays in services, cuts and consolidation effor...

Le morti per austerità erano prevedibili e previste

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Riferisci su uno studio dell'Università di York sui primi cinque anni dell'"età dell'austerità" del governo di coalizione (L'austerità in Inghilterra legata a più di 50,000 morti in più in cinque anni, 14 ottobre). Il ...

Tory austerity caused misery – and now they want to make it worse

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Deaths are what can be counted most easily – bodies can’t be hidden from the statisticians or denied by those responsible for the figures. It was predictable, and predicted, that many more would die when the governmen...

Austerity is a living hell. How can anyone describe it as character-building?

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“Winter of discontent” is the new “blitz spirit” – the phrase on everyone’s lips, but always loudest from the people who couldn’t conceivably remember it. I don’t remember it myself, but at least I was alive in the la...

Cameron, Alexander, Osborne, Clegg: how the austerity ‘quad’ sold their souls

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It was excruciating. To watch a former British prime minister before a committee of MPs last week trying to explain away his aggressive lobbying of ex-colleagues on behalf of Greensill, which has since collapsed into ...

New age of austerity: Guardiola, Tuchel and the case for the defence

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Several epochs ago, back in the long-forgotten wilderness of October 2020, a good deal of airtime and column inches were expended on the curious deluge of high-scoring thrillers that had occurred in the first few roun...

Britain ‘heading for new era of austerity’, thinktank warns

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Britain could be headed for a new era of austerity, the leading tax and spending thinktank has warned, after analysis of Rishi Sunak’s budget revealed deep cuts in spending plans for Whitehall departments and local go...