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Biden’s Indo-Pacific adviser says Australia won’t lose sovereignty under Aukus deal

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Australia won’t lose its sovereignty under the Aukus deal, according to Joe Biden’s top Indo-Pacific adviser, Kurt Campbell, who has sought to clarify his prediction of a “melding” of Australian, US and UK military fo...

Die Macron-spoeg oor Aukus-duikbote het wêreldleiers baie oor Scott Morrison geleer

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Terwyl Scott Morrison Woensdag na Australië se militêre basis gevlieg het vir operasies in die Midde-Ooste, Jean-Pierre Thébault het 'n verskyning by die Nasionale Persklub in Canberra gebruik om Frankryk se rol voort te sit..

Scott Morrison contradicts Biden’s comments on whether French were informed about Aukus

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Scott Morrison has doubled down on Australia’s decision to ditch a multi-billion dollar French submarine contract, contradicting Joe Biden’s claims about whether Emmanuel Macron was informed about the move. Speaking t...

Under the radar: the Australian intelligence chief in the shadows of the Aukus deal

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It was late April when one of Australia’s top intelligence chiefs arrived in Washington for important talks with key officials in the relatively new Biden administration. Andrew Shearer, a longtime foreign policy hawk...

IAEA chief: Aukus could set precedent for pursuit of nuclear submarines

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The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog has said other states could follow Australia’s example and seek to build nuclear-powered submarines, raising serious proliferation and legal concerns. Rafael Grossi, die direkteur ...

Aukus: French contractor ‘astonished’ at cancellation of Australia submarine deal

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The head of the French defence contractor Naval Group has reiterated the company’s “astonishment and stupefaction” at being told a multi-billion dollar submarine contract with Australia was being torn up hours after i...

Aukus pact to deepen Australia, US collaboration on space technology

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The Aukus agreement will boost collaboration between the United States and Australia in space, Australian space agency chief Enrico Palermo says. Palermo was speaking on a panel with Nasa administrator Bill Nelson whi...

Aukus: Australia sent ‘extremely satisfied’ letter hours before axing French contract

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France has said Australian military officials sent them a letter confirming they were “extremely satisfied” with French submarines just hours before they announced the €56bn (£48bn) contract would be cancelled in favo...

Die VSA het 'geen nader bondgenoot as Australië nie', sê Biden ná Aukus -ooreenkoms

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Joe Biden en die Australiese premier, Scott Morrison, het hul nuwe veiligheidsbande verwelkom ná die aankondiging van verlede week dat Washington gevorderde tegnologie aan Canberra sou voorsien vir kernkragaangedrewe motors..

Aukus deal ‘ties UK into Indo-Pacific and sends message to China’

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A former Australian defence minister has told MPs that a key purpose of the Aukus defence pact was to tie Britain into the Indo-Pacific region at a time when Canberra is “in the midst of a tense relationship with Chin...

Aukus: French minister bemoans lack of trust in British alliance

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The British-French alliance lacks trust, France’s EU affairs minister has said, citing Downing Street’s approach to the post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland and the secretly negotiated defence agreement with ...

Oggendpos: Victoria’s construction shutdown, Aukus fallout, fixing fashion

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Goeie more. Tensions are rising between Australia and the EU amid fallout from the Aukus submarine pact. Violent protests in Melbourne have led to a shut-down of the Victorian construction industry. And if the pande...

France tries to delay EU-Australia trade deal amid Aukus fallout

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France is seeking to enlist European Union support to delay a planned EU-Australia trade deal, as part of a plan to punish Australia for what it regards as serial deceit and subterfuge by Canberra before it cancelled ...

Bestudeer Aukus -alliansie deur die lens van die geskiedenis

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Die Aukus -verdrag is nie 'n 'nuwe wêreldorde' nie (17 September) maar nogal 'n ou bestelling; dit is koloniale geweerbote. Ek verwag nie dat politici die geskiedenis soos die eerste Anglo-Afghaanse oorlog van gelees het nie 1839, maar ek sukkel ...

Barnaby Joyce says Australia proved its commitment to France during world wars amid Aukus dispute

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Acting prime minister Barnaby Joyce said Australia did not have to prove its “affinity” and “affection” for the French, because “tens of thousands of Australians died on French soil” during both world wars. The French...

Aukus: France’s ambassador recall is ‘tip of the iceberg’, say analysts

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France’s historic decision to recall its ambassadors to the US and Australia is far more than a diplomatic spat, analysts have warned. The move, in protest at Canberra’s surprise decision to cancel an order for French...

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