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Jitney review – August Wilson’s subtle dissection of the American dream

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Single-location dramas are all about comings and goings, manoeuvring multiple characters and plot lines in the same space. So what better setting than a taxicab office? August Wilson’s 1970s drama weaves together the ...

Domestic holiday boom helped UK economy bounce back in August

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UK economic growth picked up in August after an unexpected fall in July as bars, restaurants and festivals benefited from the removal of most remaining pandemic restrictions. Die Kantoor vir Nasionale Statistiek (VSA) s ...

UK inflation in record August jump as food and drink prices rise

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UK inflation made its biggest jump on record in August amid a rise in food and drink prices, reversing a sharp decline a year earlier during the government’s eat out to help out restaurant discount scheme. The Office ...

UK weather: ‘little blast of summer’ forecast after soggy August

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After weeks of soggy weather, temperatures are expected to soar in parts of the UK next week. The south-east is predicted to experience the hottest weather, with the mercury rising to 28C thanks to warm air sweeping i...

UK house prices jump in August despite stamp duty holiday winding down – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Historic Anglo-Egyptian treaty signed in London – archive, 27 Augustus 1936

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Fleet Street, WednesdayOnce again the Locarno Room at the Foreign Office to-day saw history made is the British and Egyptian representatives signed the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty, which marks a new stage in the relations o...

Black August – a more radical Black History Month – celebrates revolutionaries

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While the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the profile of holidays like Juneteenth and Black History Month, there is one important Black celebration that remains at the margins of American popular...

August Design News: wooden bags, concrete coral, political pottery

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After a long break, the design world is coming to life again. London Design Festival (LDF) is back and bigger than ever this year. There will be three more design districts in the capital – including the Design Distri...

Biden rejects allies’ pleas to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond end of August

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Joe Biden has rejected the pleas of domestic and international allies to keep troops in Afghanistan for evacuation efforts beyond the end of the month, citing the growing threat of a terrorist attack. In a move likely...

Taliban will take ‘different stanceif US troops remain beyond 31 August – video

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A Taliban spokesperson has said in a press conference that the 31 August deadline for US evacuations from the country will remain, adding the Taliban are "not in favour" of allowing skilled Afghans to leave the countr...

Johnson to urge Biden to keep US troops at Kabul airport after 31 Augustus

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Boris Johnson will personally lobby Joe Biden at the G7 leaders summit, Geen 10 said on Sunday night, pleading with him to keep US troops at Kabul airport beyond the end of August, after a weekend of tension between the...

August full moon 2021: how to photograph the blue moon on your phone or camera with the right settings

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With a blue moon rising on Sunday night, many people will pull out their mobile phones to try and get an Instagram-worthy photograph of the August 2021 full moon, also known as a sturgeon moon, but unfortunately the m...

Communist hardliners stage coup against Gorbachev – archive, 20 Augustus 1991

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Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s president and most popular politician, was holding firm last night against the dawn coup which ousted President Gorbachev. The action by communist hardliners threatened to end the longest and m...

Biden says US troops may stay in Afghanistan beyond 31 August deadline

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Joe Biden has suggested there was no way for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan “without chaos ensuing”, and said US troops may stay past a 31 August deadline to evacuate Americans there. As critics in the US and abr...

Covid news: all 16- and 17-year-olds in England to be offered first jab by 23 August – as it happened

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UK department of health says the date will give teenagers change to build up immunity before school starts

Covid regstreekse nuus: all 16- and 17-year-olds in England to be offered first jab by 23 Augustus

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UK department of health says the date will give teenager change to build up immunity before school starts

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