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Covid nuus regstreeks: VSA maak grense oop vir buitelandse toeriste; Auckland-sluiting sal waarskynlik hierdie maand eindig

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Die VSA hef reisbeperkings op vir ten volle ingeënte reisigers uit die VK en EU; beperkings as gevolg van gemak in Nieu-Seeland se grootste stad

Auckland, closed to the world by Covid, tops Lonely Planet’s list of best cities to visit

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In further evidence that we all want what we cannot have, Auckland has taken out the top spot in Lonely Planet’s “best cities to visit” rankings – despite currently being in lockdown, the centre of a Covid outbreak, a ...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -strategie in 'oorgang', Sê Ardern, Auckland wag op 'n beslissing oor toesluit

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Die uitskakelingstrategie van Covid-19 in Nieu-Seeland ondergaan 'n "oorgang", die premier, Jacinda Ardern, gesê het, dit was die eerste keer dat die regering 'n dreigende wegbeweeg van die ambisieuse app aandui..

New Zealand widens Covid lockdown as Delta spreads outside Auckland

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New Zealand’s Delta Covid variant outbreak has spread beyond Auckland, prompting the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, to put additional regions into a snap lockdown. Daar was 32 new coronavirus cases on Sunday in the...

Taste of freedom: Auckland residents rush to fast-food joints as Covid restrictions ease

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Thousands of Aucklanders who had been deprived of greasy fries, burgers and spicy chicken for more than a month have flocked to their local fast-food joints to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions. Queues beg...

Coronavirus live nuus: Mississippi -hospitale is oorweldig; Nieu -Seeland verlig beperkings buite Auckland

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Mississippi is die minste ingeënt in die VSA; Nieu -Seeland berig 20 nuwe gevalle vir die derde dag

Auckland stabbings: calls for tighter terror laws after extremist allowed to roam free

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As New Zealand reels from the second terror attack in its recent history, a picture is emerging of an Islamic State-inspired extremist who was well known to the government, and whom extensive surveillance and control ...

‘An artist in search of good material’: My time at an Auckland massage parlour

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I got a job at Belle de Jour in 1998. ek was 24 years old and had just graduated from art school. What did I need next? Life experience. The neon sign hung in the window of the ranch slider. The massage parlour logo w...

‘They got out of hand’: Auckland street wrestles with fate of 400 pet rabbits

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It is a quiet suburban street in Auckland: plush lawns, manicured hedges, orderly picket fences, stately wooden villas. Until you come upon the rabbits. So many rabbits: scattered across the lawn, sunbathing, consorti...

New Zealand Covid vaccine rollout: hard-hit south Auckland to be prioritised

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Plans to prioritise hard-hit south Auckland in New Zealand’s vaccination rollout have been welcomed by experts – though cricketers hoping to head for the UK will have to wait for clarity. Covid-19 response minister Ch...

Auckland emerges from strict weeklong Covid lockdown

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Auckland has come out of a weeklong lockdown imposed after a community cluster of the more contagious UK coronavirus variant. There were no new local Covid-19 cases recorded on Sunday, health officials said, allowing ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Auckland finishes week of lockdown, England prepares to reopen schools

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France reports 23,306 new cases as Pas-de-Calais locked down, US Senate passes $1.9tn pandemic economic relief plan, arrests during Vienna protests

Auckland lockdown threatens to split ‘team of five million

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The catch cry of “be kind” – which prime minister Jacinda Ardern impressed upon New Zealand since its first lockdown a year ago – is in danger of being replaced with a less positive mantra as Aucklanders struggle thro...