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Tamal Ray’s recipe for grilled aubergine salad

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It took me a while to love aubergines. De pequeño, my palate couldn’t appreciate my mum’s begun bhaja, a simple Bengali preparation of fried aubergines with turmeric and salt. “They’re too slimy!” I’d wail as she roll...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for slow-cooked aubergine, and for orange and almond cakes

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My greengrocer sells aubergines of various sizes in precarious piles, each one as glossy as wet paint. Removing the one you want is like playing vegetable Jenga. I like my aubergines baked until on the verge of being ...

Receta vegana de Meera Sodha para berenjena asada con salsa satay

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Para mí, una base sólida para la amistad es el amor mutuo por los condimentos, encurtidos y salsas. Cualquiera que tenga un estante completo en el refrigerador dedicado a estos frascos de alegría encontrará un amigo aquí.. De todos ellos en todo el mundo, ...

How to make aubergine parmigiana – recipe

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Melanzane alla parmigiana is one of those deliciously warming dishes that, molten from the oven, can feel more suited to a British winter than a Neapolitan August, despite the distinctly summery ingredients list. Left...

Forget the emoji! 10 sencillo, seductive aubergine recipes – from donburi to chocolate cake

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The aubergine hasn’t always had the most pristine reputation. There was a time when eating one required a complicated dance of slicing and salting and draining to remove its unpleasant bitterness. Afortunadamente, aunque, mos...

From gin to an aubergine emoji: how Easter eggs grew up

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Maria Clifton can’t exactly remember how or why she began making chocolate toilet rolls with messages written on them. It doesn’t matter, De Verdad. If people want everyday items crafted from Belgian milk chocolate, ella ...