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Ashling Murphy: thousands attend vigils across Ireland for teacher killed going for run – video

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Thousands have gathered in towns and cities across Ireland after the 'senseless' killing of the 23-year-old teacher, with echoes of the national reckoning that was sparked in the UK last year by the murder of Sarah Ev...

Full-capacity crowds set to attend Boxing Day Test and Australian Open

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Full capacity crowds at the Boxing Day Test and Australian Open are set to light up Melbourne’s sporting landscape this summer. Victoria is on the verge of reaching its 90% vaccination target for those aged over 12, p ...

Cabinet minister says no need for PM to attend sleaze debate, but he is likely to watch on TV – UK politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: international development secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan says there is no need for Boris Johnson to attend sleaze debate

Australian PM to attend Cop26 in Glasgow but emissions deal with Coalition partner still weeks off

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Die Australiese premier, Scott Morrison, has confirmed he will attend the Cop26 conference in Glasgow in two weeks but has signalled it might take a fortnight, rather than days, to land an agreement with junior ...

Secretary of Nazi concentration camp told judge she wouldn’t attend trial

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A 96-year-old woman who was arrested on Thursday after failing to turn up for the start of her trial in Germany on charges of aiding and abetting the murder of thousands of concentration camp prisoners had warned the ...

Hundreds attend candlelit vigil in memory of Plymouth shooting victims – video

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A large crowd gathered in Plymouth on Friday for a vigil after a mass shooting killed five people, including a three-year-old girl. People laid flowers and held candles in North Down Crescent Park in Keyham to remembe...

Quarter of UK pupils attend schools where air pollution is over WHO limit

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Millions of British children attend schools where air pollution is worse than the World Health Organization limit, campaigners have said. An analysis found that more than a quarter of schools, from nurseries to sixth-...

4,000 to attend FA Cup semi-final as live sport cautiously reopens

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A sporting record will be broken on Sunday when 4,000 football fans gather at Wembley to watch the FA Cup semi-final between Leicester City and Southampton. It will be the largest crowd to have watched a football matc...

Christchurch terrorist chooses not to attend court to launch his own legal challenge

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The Christchurch terrorist who said he wanted to take the government to court over a lack of access to news and letters in jail and his designation as a terrorist entity has failed to attend the first court hearing o...

Organisers of secret Paris dinner parties say ministers did not attend

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French police interviewed the organisers of exclusive clandestine dinners that allegedly broke Covid rules on Friday, as Emmanuel Macron warned ministers their behaviour must be “exemplary”. Detectives have also searc...

Meer as 5,000 people attend illegal party at Tonto national forest in Arizona

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Meer as 5,000 people gathered at Tonto national forest, near Phoenix, Arizona, last weekend in a giant party that involved fireworks and target practice. Campers and partiers taped off areas of the main road in what...

Meer as 10,000 fans could attend later Euro 2020 matches, says Dowden

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Culture secretary Oliver Dowden has said the government is looking into whether crowds of more than 10,000 will be able to attend matches at this summer’s rescheduled European Championship.From 17 May stadiums could b...

Thousands attend March 4 Justice rallies across Australia – video report

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Thousands of women have marched at events across the country to demand action in response to allegations of workplace abuse and gendered violence. In Canberra, in front of Parliament House, Brittany Higgins made a pow...

‘Salam, salam, salam’: thousands attend Pope’s mass at Irbil stadium – video

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Thousands of people filled a sports stadium in the northern Kurdish-Iraqi city of Irbil for an open-air mass held by Pope Francis. 'n geskatte 10,000 people erupted in cheers when he arrived and did a lap around the ...