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What links a cobra lily with Attenborough’s pitcher? The Saturday quiz

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1 What did The Times put on its front page for the first time in 1966?2 What spread is celebrated by a sculpture in Burton upon Trent?3 In what city is the New Bridge actually the oldest?4 What footballing duopoly was...

The Green Planet review – David Attenborough’s gobsmacking, awe-inspiring return

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One of the televisual joys I most remember from childhood was when a programme – often a nature documentary, but sometimes a few seconds on Sesame Street or a Tomorrow’s World demonstration of new technology – would s...

Animal review: sorry celebrities – Attenborough’s still the lion king

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Male lions don’t do childcare. They don’t hunt. And yet they get first dibs on the carcasses the lionesses have spent all day chasing across the savannah. True, their manes look magnificent, but only in the sense that...