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TV esta noche: David Attenborough sobre la sorprendente vida de las libélulas

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Los insectos de ojos saltones que son libélulas y caballitos del diablo han estado en nuestra tierra por 330 millones de años, dando testimonio de todo, desde la extinción de los dinosaurios hasta la revolución industrial. David Attenboro ...

Move over, Attenborough! Penguin Town is the cuddly nature show for our times

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It’s probably for the best that the BBC didn’t put out one of its landmark nature series during lockdown. I don’t think I’d have been able to take it. In times of trouble, the last thing anyone wants to see is a gory,...

David Attenborough Netflix documentary: Australian scientists break down in tears over climate crisis

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One of Australia’s leading coral reef scientists is seen breaking down in tears at the decline of the Great Barrier Reef during a new Sir David Attenborough documentary to be released globally on Friday evening. Prof ...

David Attenborough accuses ministers of ‘short-sighted’ attack on TV networks

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Sir David Attenborough has warned that the government is pursuing “short-sighted political and financial attacks” on the UK’s television networks, as ministers prepare to announce plans to privatise Channel 4. The wil...

Stephen Collins on David Attenborough – cartoon

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Sat 13 mar 2021 01.00 EST