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India hunts ‘fake newsspreaders after anti-Muslim attacks

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Indian police are seeking the owners of about 100 social media accounts accused of sharing “fake news” after mob attacks on mosques in the north-east of the country. Last month’s violence in Tripura state erupted on t...

Associated Press se compromete a defender al personal contra los ataques en línea después del despido de Emily Wilder

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La gerencia de Associated Press le ha dicho al personal que respalda su decisión de despedir a la reportera recién contratada Emily Wilder, quien fue blanco de una campaña republicana de difamación con respecto a su defensa pro palestina..

Nicolas Sarkozy ataca condena por corrupción "sorprendentemente injusta"

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Días después de su condena por corrupción y tráfico de influencias, Nicolas Sarkozy ha dicho que llevará la batalla para limpiar su nombre ante la corte europea de derechos humanos si no gana en la apelación.. El ex francés ...

Francia "hizo todo lo posible" para frustrar los ataques terroristas, Hollande le dice a la corte

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El ex presidente francés François Hollande ha dicho a un tribunal de París que las autoridades "hicieron todo lo posible" para prevenir ataques terroristas en el país, incluido el lanzamiento de ataques militares contra el entrenamiento yihadista c ...

Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel culpability for Iran attacks

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The outgoing head of Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, has signalled the country’s clear responsibility for a series of attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear programme in an interview that appeared to have ...

Havana syndrome: NSA officer’s case hints at microwave attacks since 90s

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When the first reports surfaced of a mysterious disorder that was afflicting dozens of US diplomats in Cuba, Mike Beck’s reaction was one of recognition and relief. Beck, a retired National Security Agency counterinte...

Trial of 12 men accused of planning far-right terror attacks opens in Stuttgart

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The trial of 12 men accused of planning a series of far-right terror attacks on asylum seekers, Muslims, Jews and politicians in an attempt to overthrow German democracy has opened in the city of Stuttgart. Gruppe S (...

Keir Starmer attacks ‘Major Sleaze’ Boris Johnson over ‘cash for curtains’ row

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A furious Boris Johnson tried to fight off allegations he broke donation reporting rules, as Sir Keir Starmer branded him “Major Sleaze” in the “cash for curtains” row increasingly engulfing the prime minister. An hou...

Mexican press freedom dispute erupts as Amlo attacks US and domestic critics

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A growing row over press freedom has engulfed Mexico after the country’s nationalist president maligned a routine US human rights report which highlighted his government’s failure to protect journalists – and the beha...

Tom Cotton attacks relief payments to prisoners but backed them under Trump

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Senator Tom Cotton has repeatedly attacked Democrats who voted for the Covid-19 relief bill for giving money to “murderers and rapists” in prison, citing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, convicted in the Boston Marathon bombing. T ...

Alibaba chief attacks ‘drinking culture’ after manager is accused of rape

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The Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has fired a manager accused of rape, as its chief executive condemned the “ugly forced drinking culture” affecting the company. An unidentified employee had accused her manager a...

Jack de Belin retrial: defence in closing address attacks alleged rape victim’s evidence

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The woman accusing Jack de Belin of rape is the sort of person who takes a grain of fact then distorts, changes and moulds it to tell a tale, the footballer’s lawyer says. El delantero St George Illawarra, 30, y su ...

Two women stabbed in San Francisco amid rise in anti-Asian attacks

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Two women are in hospital after they were stabbed at a bus stop in San Francisco in the latest attacks against Asian Americans nationwide since the start of the pandemic. The women, una 63 and the second 84, were wait...

Welsh leader attacks ‘aggressively unilateral’ UK government

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The Welsh first minister has launched a fierce attack on the UK government’s attitude to the devolved nations, accusing it of favouring “flag flying” over constructive thinking and acting in an “aggressively unilatera...

San Francisco’s Chinatown reckons with Atlanta attacks: ‘I don’t feel safe anywhere

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The morning after the Atlanta spa shootings, a man struck an elderly Asian woman on San Francisco’s Market Street in a seemingly unprovoked attack. Over the past few months, the Asian American community in the San Fra...

US mulling military response to ransomware attacks, Biden officials say

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US officials on Sunday ratcheted up pressure on companies and foreign adversaries to fight cybercriminals, and said Joe Biden was considering options to counter the growing threat including a military response. En th ...

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