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La opinión de The Guardian sobre la reorganización laborista: atacando desde el jardín central

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En Mayo, Sir Keir Starmer intentó reorganizar su gabinete en la sombra luego de la desastrosa derrota electoral en Hartlepool.. Fue un trabajo caóticamente chapucero, resultando en un enfrentamiento dañino con su adjunto, Angela R..

England’s attacking intent leading way for northern powerhouses

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The results from the autumn series are in and they make for deeply uncomfortable southern hemisphere reading. Not for 19 years have South Africa, New Zealand and Australia all lost on European soil on the same day and...

Southgate no debe deshacerse de la nueva intención de ataque: Fallar nuevamente. Falla mejor de la misma manera

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"El fracaso es producto de tu imaginación". Kobe Bryant tenía una muy buena línea sobre la importancia del ensayo y error, sobre el fracaso como padre del éxito, en desastre el lunes como señal para triunfar el viernes. Ser...

Vallas publicitarias "subversivas" del comediante que atacan la política climática de Australia se exhibirán en Times Square de Nueva York

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La valla publicitaria más grande de Times Square se mostrará esta semana para 10 Actas de mensajes satíricos "subversivos" que critican a Australia por su inacción ante la crisis climática.. La campaña es una creación de la empresa australiana..

Canadá: mountain goat kills attacking grizzly bear with ‘dagger-like’ horns

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With their long, sharp claws and frightening speed, few predators in Canada’s wild hinterlands attack as mercilessly as a hungry grizzly bear. But in a rare turn of events, park officials say a mountain goat not only ...

Premiership kick-off is a time like no other for optimistic, attacking rugby

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Bad news for the more affectionate Premiership players on the eve of the new season – face-to-face try celebrations are still banned. Supporters can fill stadiums again – no Covid passports necessary – but pity the fo...

Pant’s attacking style is priceless but India need him to be more thoughtful

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Fue 50 years ago that India won a historic Test at the Oval to seal their first series win on English soil. The hero then was the leg-spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar, who took six for 38 in the second innings, leavin...

Attacking lifeboats may seem like a new low, but the right craves a ‘migrant crisis

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If your politics involves frequent attacks on beloved national institutions, no matter how much you claim to be defending them from subversion, you risk looking like you simply dislike them. That is a problem for righ...

It’s pointless attacking Britain’s pension increase. Ultimately we’ll all benefit from it

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Britain is a nation of pensioners (around a quarter of the population) and aspirational pensioners (everybody else). Old age is not something the young tend to want to contemplate but it will descend on most of us, un...

Revitalised Harry Kane turns England into powerful attacking machine

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Are you not entertained? Was this not what you wanted? So much was right for England it is tempting, for all the talk of hard-nosed tournament football, to luxuriate just a little in the beauty of it all. The staging ...

Belgium’s attacking riches bail out creaking back line against Denmark

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Perhaps this wasn’t the game for making proper judgments. Belgium were in the desperately awkward position of being the other team in the face of a great outpouring of Danish emotion, and for half the game they strugg...

Attacking rarely wins international prizes now so what will Southgate do?

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International football is different. It’s not like club football. It has gone from being the highest form of the game – the stage on which the average level of the players was greatest – to lagging behind the club gam...

Solskjær’s lack of a cohesive attacking structure has been brutally exposed

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What if David de Gea had converted his penalty in the shootout against Villarreal? How much difference would it have made had he scored on Wednesday and Gerónimo Rulli had been the goalkeeper to miss from the spot? Wa ...

Patrick Bamford and Jesse Lingard could ease England’s attacking crisis

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Gareth Southgate is likely to solve England’s attacking crisis by handing the Leeds striker Patrick Bamford his first call-up and recalling West Ham’s Jesse Lingard. Inglaterra, who are also set to hand recalls to John S...

Trump once again requests mail-in ballot despite repeatedly attacking method

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Donald Trump requested a mail-in ballot for Palm Beach county’s municipal election in Florida earlier this week, despite a long record of attacks against what he has labeled a “fraudulent” voting method. The local el...