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Man held on suspicion of murder after Derbyshire couple attacked in home

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A 33-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of an 86-year-old woman and the attempted murder of her 88-year-old husband, who was left with life-threatening injuries after they were attacked in their...

Human rights are being attacked by the government, not fine-tuned

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I agree with Martha Spurrier that this government is constructing for itself a legislative armoury that is intended to be a “rewriting of the rules so only the government can win” (Who will stop human rights abuses if...

Belgian Manchester City fan in intensive care after being attacked

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A 63-year-old Belgian Manchester City fan is in intensive care after being attacked, apparently by supporters of Club Brugge, after City’s 5-1 Champions League win at the Jan Breydel Stadium on Tuesday. The incident o...

Shakira says two wild boars attacked her in Barcelona park

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Shakira said two wild boars attacked her in a Barcelona park and destroyed her bag. In an Instagram story post, the singer held up her dirty and torn bag as evidence, which she said boars tried to carry off into the w...

Esperienza: I was attacked by two sharks at once

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It was a warm winter’s day in South Africa and I planned to go surfing at Nahoon Reef. ero 15 and had just finished my first day back at school after the winter break. The reef is famous among surfers for its powerf...

Spat at, abused, attacked: healthcare staff face rising violence during Covid

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Hundreds of healthcare workers treating Covid patients around the world have experienced verbal, physical, and sometimes life-threatening attacks during the pandemic, prompting calls for immediate action from human ri...

Quasi $800,000 raised for two elderly Asian people attacked in San Francisco

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The GoFundMe pages for two elderly, Asian victims of assault in San Francisco have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors around the world, as the US reels from the Atlanta shootings that killed eight peo...