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Boris Johnson uses Bolsonaro meeting to promote AstraZeneca jab

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Boris Johnson has used a meeting with Brazil’s coronavirus-denying president to promote Covid vaccinations – only to undermine his message by failing to wear a face mask. The British prime minister met Jair Bolsonaro ...

Victoria to make AstraZeneca available to under-40s as it launches nation’s first drive-through vaccine hub

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The Victorian government will provide the AstraZeneca vaccine to under-40s at its state-run vaccine clinics and has launched the nation’s first drive-through vaccination operation at a former Bunnings site. Victoria, ...

AstraZeneca sales of Covid vaccine triple to $1.2bn in first half of 2021

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AstraZeneca has reported a boost in sales of its Covid-19 vaccine, which tripled to $1.2bn (£900m) in the first half of this year – but remained significantly below the earnings of its US rival Pfizer. Britain’s bigg...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: NSW braces for increase in cases despite Sydney lockdown, AstraZeneca vaccine push

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Northern NSW on alert after Covid fragments detected in Byron Bay sewerage; national cabinet meets to discuss vaccine rollout – Follow live

NSW government has only used 15% of its allocation of the AstraZeneca vaccine

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The New South Wales government has taken up just 145,000 of the almost 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine allocated to it by the commonwealth, leaving vaccinations to either stockpile or be directed overseas. As g...

Britons with Indian-made AstraZeneca vaccine face extra EU travel hurdle

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British travellers hoping to visit Europe this summer face an extra hurdle as it emerged that those vaccinated with Indian-manufactured AstraZeneca jabs would not automatically skip quarantine. Under the EU vaccine pa...

GPs fume at being left to shoulder AstraZeneca vaccine confusion after PM’s ‘unhelpful’ comments

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General practitioners say they are being “left to hold the mess” created by the confused and conflicting statements about the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is making it harder for them to obtain informed consent from pat...

There was no argument inside national cabinet about Morrison’s AstraZeneca advice because he didn’t flag it

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Before the public brawling on Wednesday there was the relative calm of Monday night when leaders gathered virtually for an emergency national cabinet meeting. Scott Morrison dialled in from the Lodge where he’s been i...

Some GPs refuse to give AstraZeneca jab to young Australians eager to get Covid vaccine

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Some doctors are telling young Australians to cancel their Covid-19 vaccine bookings and warning AstraZeneca will not be given to those aged under 40 because Scott Morrison’s comments on Monday do not accord with expe...

Australia’s top medical body refuses to endorse PM’s announcement that under-40s can get AstraZeneca

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The president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Omar Khorshid, says he does not endorse the prime minister’s announcement that anyone under 40 can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine from their GP, adding it took ...

Australia’s top medical body rejects PM’s announcement that under-40s can get AstraZeneca

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The president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Omar Khorshid, said he does not endorse the prime minister’s announcement that anyone under 40 can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine from their GP, saying it took ...

Third shot of AstraZeneca vaccine could work as booster – study

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A third shot of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine could be an effective booster jab without the need for tweaks, research suggests. An Oxford University study found that giving people a third dose more than six months af...

Australia plans to shelve AstraZeneca Covid vaccine by October

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The federal government has announced it will shelve the controversial AstraZeneca vaccine by October, suggesting it will have enough supplies of other vaccines to meet “allocation horizons” for vaccinating the populat...

Australians who skip second AstraZeneca vaccine are ‘almost wasting’ first dose, AMA warns

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Australians who choose not to get the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in response to updated federal health advice are “almost wasting the first dose”, the vice president of the Australian Medical Association h...

Get ready to scroll: three graphs to help you make sense of the AstraZeneca vaccine risk

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Last week’s announcement that the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine would now only be recommended for Australians over 60 has highlighted the many ways we think about risk. The decision reflects a greater understanding of the...

AstraZeneca vaccine price pledge omits some poor countries, contract shows

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AstraZeneca can charge a higher price for its Covid-19 vaccine in dozens of poor countries once the pharmaceutical company decides the pandemic has ended, according to a copy of its contract with Oxford University see...

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