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I used to associate gyms with vanity, until I realised they helped minds as well as bodies

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Gyms are temples for the terminally vain to worship their own bodies and set fire to their cash. If you want to self-improve, read a book: en waarom, given the limited time slot granted to each of us to be alive, waste ...

R Kelly associate jailed for intimidating singer’s accuser with arson attack

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Michael Williams, an associate of disgraced R&B star R Kelly, has been sentenced to eight years in prison after intimidating an accuser in Kelly’s trial for sexual abuse. Williams, a relative of a former publicist...

Former associate of Rudy Giuliani convicted over illegal campaign contributions

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A New York jury convicted a former associate of Rudy Giuliani on Friday of charges that he made illegal campaign contributions to influence US politicians and advance his business interests. The verdict was returned i...

Matt Gaetz associate pleads guilty to six counts including sex trafficking a minor

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Joel Greenberg, a longtime associate of the Republican Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, pleaded guilty on Monday to six federal criminal counts, including sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl. The guilty plea by the ...